Caffeine Intake Control

Master Pravus controls a lot of my life, but rules come and go (as Master Pravus’ needs change, so too do his rules). One rule that has been in place since about a year after Master Pravus started training me, is that I must ask him before I have any caffeine, except in very special circumstances.

Special circumstances include vacations. I have a hard time keeping up with him on vacation, because he always wants to do ALL THE THINGS. My spirit is willing, but the flesh is broken and useless, so he encourages me to drink all the caffeine I like (with vast quantities of water). Also when I was anemic, he and the doctor both encouraged me to drink whatever caffeine I needed to get through the day. Little events like midnight release movies will have me sipping caffeine throughout the day, too. But, in general, I have to ask special permission to drink caffeine.

When Master Pravus decided on this rule, it was years ago (as I said). I actually had three jobs at the time, and some nights I did not get home until one or two in the morning, and I needed to be in the next morning to my first job at six AM. To be fair, that isn’t a lot of sleep, but it was also in the short term because the job that kept me up the latest was a seasonal job. At that point I hadn’t been living with Master Pravus yet, and I was only seeing him on the weekends.

The weekends would come around, and in order to keep going I was doing the same thing I did during the week: I was drinking between five and six energy drinks per day. I think Master Pravus realized I had a problem when I walked over to his fridge and unloaded about twenty energy drinks from my backpack in there.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?” He had asked me, angrily.

I didn’t understand that three cans per day was the max you were supposed to do. I also didn’t see the danger. I mean, they made me awake, and they made me feel good. What was the harm?

Due to my POTS, I had been told by doctors before not to use caffeine often if at all, so even at nineteen I should have known better. Still, Doctors always took the fun out of stuff and I didn’t see the issue.

That’s when Master Pravus got upset and started weaning me off the caffeine. Again, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but I did what he wanted me to. As caffeine still isn’t something I should be doing on a daily or frequent basis, he is still very careful about giving me any, and I am still careful to ask specifically if I can have any.

I tell you, of all the rules he has given me, this was the hardest to accept. It was the first control Master Pravus had taken over my food or beverages, and as I worked a lot outside the home it was rough. But, it’s another good example of a rule Master Pravus created for my own benefit and less for his. Yes, he does like it when I am healthy, and in that sense the rule was created for his pleasure. But, the rule is not one specifically centered around pleasure for pleasure’s sake, and that was part of what made it difficult for me to understand in the beginning.

One thought on “Caffeine Intake Control

  1. Jalan limited my caffeine hours very early on. I was terribly insomniac, so she cut me off at noon (later 1pm) except for special circumstances such as long drives or day-long meetings.

    However, with the onset of CFS, I often have trouble staying alert past 8 or 8:30pm, which is about the time she’s feeling “up and at’em” (after usually working around the house for the afternoon). We first added energy shots for things like a movie out, which works pretty well, just needs to be timed correctly.

    Currently, we’re experimenting with my having discretion to drink coffee in the afternoon, even late afternoon, if it has become clear from either schedule or mood that I’m not going to get my 2-3-hour nap that day. I have fairly broad discretion in when to invoke that privilege, though of course she’s closely monitoring my choices and their results.

    Yay, chronic health problem!

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