Clicking Into Place


Living with POTS is a hard thing.  You will go along fine and dandy (coping the ways you always have) for a few years at a time, and then POW you’re down for the count for seven months (like this time) or more (like many other times).  It’s one of those illnesses that can never be truly beaten, but can be beaten back.  It is a constant game of salt, salt tablets, water, strength training, intense workouts and more.  Combine that with EDS and some days it feels like an impossible climb.  (There is only so much you can do with a subluxed joint while it repairs itself, etc.)  But, Master and me are beyond grateful.  While the past seven months have been riddled with extreme difficulty, I finally have reached a point where I am doing as well as I was doing before the first ambulance ride in June.

I have blogged many times about how I have been slowly improving, but this is different.  After my recent flu, I felt vastly different.  Everything sort of clicked into place, and suddenly I could grocery shop with no scooter.  I could go on long walks (longer than five hours per walk) over this past weekend.  I could get up and down the stairs with no fear of fainting.  None of these things were possible even a few short weeks ago. 

At first I thought it was odd that I was suddenly capable of doing the things I wanted to do all at once, but, we realized it has been over six weeks since I started the new medicine that helps with my POTS.  We were told it could take up to six weeks before I saw any real results, so not only is everything clicking into place, it makes a lot of sense too.

This means more to me than you can understand.  It has been incredibly difficult for me to do things.  I have been incapable of doing very much each day, and suddenly I am perfectly capable of doing all the things I could do before.  Master Pravus wouldn’t stop talking about how much he loved being able to see me like this all weekend (not that I wanted him to stop).  Heck, I couldn’t stop talking about it either.  I’m not even done talking about it now, as I blog!  =^.~=

Saturday we packed a picnic lunch, and we went walking around at the Zoo.  We walked for about three hours, and we had a lovely time.  We didn’t leave because my POTS was bothering me, we left because we were both just sore-footed and tired.  We went home, watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones, and then Master Pravus bound my hands with vet wrap for a bit of pet play with Rexie.  It was fun, and I had to be careful not to let Serenade catch on too much (since I am trying to keep Rexie away from her).

Sunday we went back to the Zoo very early in the day, so that we could get another walk in.  This time we lasted over five hours of walking before we were too tired to keep going.  We got home and relaxed for a little bit before doing some bootblacking, going for little walks around the complex, and otherwise enjoying each other’s company.

Monday Master Pravus had the day off and so we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens, and it was really pretty!  True, it’s the middle of winter right now, so many of the outside plants were asleep, but we’d never been there before and we had a fun time going down the winding paths and seeing the indoor plants and set-ups.  We want to go back later in the season when things will be blooming.  Master Pravus had me hold onto the real camera and take pictures, and he got pictures with his phone’s camera.


I had the best weekend I have had in a while, and not because we went out places.  We have lots of fun at home, but we do love going on adventures, and being able to go places with Master Pravus (not in a wheel chair) was the best feeling in the world to me.  We were worried that we were going to have to scrap our weekend Vegas trip next month (to go back to Sin In The City), but thankfully, we know that won’t be an issue now.  I’m so excited I wanna bounce, squeal, and do a jig!  The waiting part is the hardest thing, but finally, I am back to my old self again.  <3

::Knocks on wood::  😉

9 thoughts on “Clicking Into Place

  1. So happy to hear things are starting to perk up for you! *wiggle wiggle* When I found out what helped my anemia from periods I was so friggin’ happy I wanted to do a backflip….unfortunately my cerebral palsy won’t allow that without assistance. LOL

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