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Since I’ve been feeling better we have both been putting a real effort in to get the rest of the boxes unpacked.  (We don’t like the sight of boxes everywhere, and while we have the last few confined to a room for now, we still don’t like things sitting around not being used.)  Master Pravus does all the Master-ly things: nailing things into the wall, heavy lifting, telling me where he wants things to go, and I have been doing all the little things like: taking things out of boxes, helping get things where Master wants them, organizing, taking boxes out to the trash, etc.  It’s one of those incredibly boring things that no one ever likes doing (those last few boxes, you know), but we’re determined.  We finally have the bedroom the way we want it (for the most part).  The above picture is a shot of the left corner when you enter the room, that’s the futon that I do video chat work from, though Tiberius likes to hang out there sometimes, too.


Here’s a picture of the back left corner.  My lingerie rack is there, along with the sex toy organizer.  We’re going to need a new organizer soon though, because we don’t have room for some of the toys that we like to use a lot, so we are keeping them in the spare room for now.


Here’s the right side of the room.  We’ve got the umbrella stand that we use for all the stiff beating implements, there’s two big closets, and, oh yeah, Applepig is enjoying Master’s side of the bed.  He he, silly pig.  I’ve been sleeping upstairs for a almost a week now (we kept having to change where we sleep because I couldn’t easily get up and down the stairs), but oh my gosh, it’s so nice to sleep in your own bed instead of downstairs on the hard futon.  It’s nice to see the apartment start coming together.  Master says that he’s happy with the way the bedroom looks for now.  The only change we want to make is to buy one more shelf or dresser to store toys in, but aside from that things are finally organized and it looks and feels like a place we want to spend our time in, you know?  It’s nice that there’s a beating implement within three or four paces at all times, too.

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