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Lovehoney has once again sent me a beautiful item to review.  This time, it was the Bondage Boutique Leather Studded Blindfold.  This is a cute little blindfold, and I liked the look of the studs and the fact that the blindfold itself was made from real leather.  I couldn’t resist wanting to try this out!

Of course, Lovehoney got the blindfold out to me in speedy fashion, and, even though I’m not particularly worried about discreet packaging, those of you who are need not fret.  Lovehoney packaged my blindfold up in an unmarked package with no indication as to what was inside.  The blindfold itself was in a thin plastic sleeve, so luckily not even the person taking our your trash need know what was in your box.  I like it when companies don’t use a lot of excessive packaging.

Having tried many a blindfold, I was enticed not only by the leather and studs, but also by the shape of the blindfold.  Since I like blindfolds to not allow me the opportunity to “cheat” I tend to look for the shaped blindfolds.  Generally, blindfolds which look like a big rectangular block rarely block the light out all the way because your nose will get in the way and light will get in.  Looking at the pictures online, you can see that this blindfold has a cut out for the nose.  Snazzy!

To give you some specs on this blindfold, it is 9” across at its widest point (horizontally), and is about 3” vertically on the widest parts which go over the eyes.  The blindfold will comfortably fit someone with a 21-23” head best.


The elastic itself is 3/4” in width and it’s on the stiff side, which is why it doesn’t have a very big range.  I don’t think that people with larger heads will be comfortable in this blindfold.  For me, I was comfortable, but the blindfold was a little bit on the snug side, and I don’t normally have that problem with blindfolds.

In use, I really did want to like this blindfold, but unfortunately, even though the bottom of the blindfold was shaped, it didn’t fit my nose quite right.  The middle part of the blindfold (the thinnest part of the blindfold) measures 1 3/4” in height, and I find that my nose pushes up on the blindfold giving me a very clear view from underneath.  The only way to remedy this (for me) is to close my eyes, but, even under a blindfold I am constantly blinking so that doesn’t work for me.

This isn’t a bad blindfold.  If it fits you properly (see above measurements) and you have a small nose (unlike me) you will probably like this blindfold a lot.  Unfortunately for me though, it doesn’t leave enough to the imagination.

If you should need to clean this blindfold, you can use a tiny bit of saddle soap, or some glycerin or a very barely damp cloth.  Bear in mind that leather is porous, so you can’t sterilize it, and so I don’t recommend sharing it between anyone you aren’t fluid bonded with.

Overall, while not a bad blindfold, this just isn’t the right one for me, so I’m going to give it 3 paws:

3 paw

Thank you so much, Lovehoney, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this blindfold in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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