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Because of my recent health problems I have been unable to do more of the hardcore training Master and me enjoy so much for the past few months.  Nothing changed about our dynamic, but, not being able to stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time meant that the majority of intense training was out.  Now that I am feeling well again, Master has slowly started incorporating some things that we love and miss terribly back into our play sessions. 

One thing in particular that I just have not had the stamina to do much at all is pony play.  There is going to be a pony event at an upcoming con we have tickets to, and Master and me would like to participate!  Still, participation will require that I get back into the swing of things before we show up.  I wouldn’t want to embarrass Master, after all!


There were a few things about this session that were new for me and Master.  Those blinders you see?  We’ve used them before, but not with my head trainer gag you also see.  I admit that I was a little nervous because, while I have wanted to use them both together, I was a little worried that they wouldn’t fit or something.  Happily, they fit quite nicely, and I really enjoyed the nice squeeze around my head.  (I do love tight bondage).

Since we hadn’t done a whole lot of pony play in a while, Master did a light session with me.  He teased me playfully about what a hot pony I was, and he had me follow a couple of commands.  We worked on a couple of steps, and I did well in the beginning.  We had done a lot that day, so by the time we got to the pony training I admit I was feeling physically tired, and I started to stumble and to lose my balance here and there.  (I didn’t fall or anything, but I didn’t have as much control during my steps so I was a bit wobbly).

This picture is kind of dark, but it does show you my pony tack a little better.  I had a pony tail at one point, but unfortunately bad things happened to it during a move once, and we’re both incredibly picky about my tail.  We don’t like anything we’ve seen since, and until we find exactly what we’re looking for I will probably have no tail.  For fun, Master clipped one of my kitty tails to the back of my (AFF) tack though (you can see it in the top photo).


After we were done practicing steps for the night, I kneeled down on my pony “paddock” which was really just a (AFF) fascinator throe.  Master told me to stay on the blanket. He went into the kitchen (not far from the living room) to get something (I don’t remember what).  I stayed on the blanket, but I changed position so that I was on all fours and Master could see my cunt through the open crotch of the body stocking I was wearing.  When he came back, he started fingering my cunt, and he had a vibrator for my clit.  He spanked my ass through the fishnets to make them nice and red and let me hump the vibrator while he fingered my g-spot.  It was very hot and I came super hard.

After he was done playing with me, he told me to roll over onto my back and covered the outside of my cunt with his cum.  I was so turned on by the feeling of his hot cum on my sensitive clit that I nearly came again.  I do have a bit of a kink for the feel of cum on me, though.  We had never done that before, and it was really hot.  I loved it.

Master let me lay on the blanket for a little while, and then he took me out of my gear and he brought me upstairs to take a shower.  This was the first time ever that Master played with me sexually when I was in my pony gear.  It was very hot to me, and I really liked it.  This was a nice session for us, but to be honest, I didn’t feel myself ever getting completely into pony headspace.  I hadn’t worked on steps or pony commands with Master in so long that I was a little nervous and more worried about getting things right than really feeling more like a beast than a person.  Still, it was really great and I look forward to more pony time with Master soon.

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