The other night when Master and me were doing pony play, we were doing a different head setup than normal.  With the addition of new straps, Master was having a bit more of a difficult time getting me tacked up.  Normally, I would wear a low pony tail (no pun intended) because the high pony tail I almost always wear winds up getting in the way of the top strap on my trainer gag.  As Master was finagling and figuring out where to put the straps in relation to my hair, he eventually wound up taking my hair out of the pony tail it was in, and telling me I’m going to have to do high pig tails from now on when we do pony play. 

I sighed inwardly.  I will do it, of course, and I will do it with a smile..  But I’m really not talented in the hairstyle department, and it takes me (guaranteed) at least twenty or thirty minutes to get my hair in high pig tails.  I never really got the “girly” gene.  I know many women (and men) who could whip up a skillfully crafted updo in a matter of a couple minutes.  Nuh-uh.  Not me.

The funny thing about hairstyles and our play time is that I can generally guess what Master wants me to do by what style he tells me to put my hair in.  Normally, if we’re going to play, I just shake my hair out and wear it down.  If I don’t wear it down, it will usually fall down of its own accord between cock sucking or laying in this position or that.

Sometimes Master will say something like: “We’re going to play, go put your hair in a garlic knot.” (That’s his term for this sort of messy bun I do.)  And, I will assume he is going to do rope stuff (he likes the garlic knot because it means there won’t be any hair to get in his way when he’s wrapping rope here or there), or something where I’m going to be on my stomach, like cupping or blood play.  That’s not always the case, but it can be.

If he asks me to put my hair in low pony tails, he will sometimes have me on my back or kneeling at some point during the play.

If he tells me he wants high pig tails, it’s usually because we’re going to go out somewhere, he wants to do age play, or he’s going to do pony play (as of right now). 

Sometimes I’m wrong, and the style he tells me to put my hair in has absolutely nothing to do with what he wants to do that night, but that’s pretty rare.  He likes my hair to be long (though, as I have mentioned before, we typically get it cut once a year so it is less hot in the summer), but long hair gets in the way a lot and has a lot of considerations when it comes to our play.

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