Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

Master Pravus worked remotely on Thursday so that he could bring me to a few doctors appointments.  Nothing too serious, just trying to get things lined up for my ablation.  The doctor I saw was really nice, and he listened and calmly explained my options.  We feel really comfortable with him, and we like him a lot.  He is going to have me come in in March (that is his next available date, he is so booked out it isn’t even funny) for a regular exam and an ultrasound to make sure nothing else is wrong before they just go ahead and do the ablation.  If everything is all set, they said they could do a biopsy the same day as the ablation.  He told me that most people really don’t want to be awake for the biopsy, and that if they biopsy came back that I had cancer they would need to do a hysterectomy anyway.  He doubts I have cancer at my age though, so we’re probably going to do it on the same day as the ablation when I am under anesthesia.

Master Pravus and me are actually really relieved that we can’t really get the ball rolling with the preliminary tests until we come back from our upcoming vacation.  I really don’t want to be healing from surgery while we’re running around in Vegas.  It’ll be nice just to not have to worry about that stuff until we get back.

Speaking of vacation, we have less than a month now!  We will be getting up and driving at about 3AM on Thursday the 27th to Vegas.  I know last year we had planned on just flying in this year, but we changed our minds because we’re going to be on vacation for almost a week instead of just two days.  It’ll definitely be more fun having the car since we’re staying longer than planned.  Plus, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the drive a bit shorter.  =^^=

I also had to get a blood test for the cardiologist and go to the dentist.  The dentist was a reasonably easy visit.  I had chipped my tooth the day before, but it was really minor.  I just needed to have the jagged edge of tooth filed down so that it wouldn’t cause issues later.  I also would up getting impressions made for my teeth so I can have a custom night guard.  I have been needing one for a while, but we had tried all those “do it yourself” night guards over the counter first.  (Most of my dentists told me that those would be fine).  None of them ever really fit right though, so now we are getting a fancy custom one done.

Afterwards we tried to go to the chiropractor, but he wound up being closed.  We figured maybe he closed early due to the storm that was coming in.  Since we had extra time due to no chiropractor visit, we decided to run along to the Zoo for a one hour walk before it closed.  We don’t normally get to walk at the Zoo during the week because it closes before Master Pravus gets home.  It was nice because it was cold and cloudy out so it was easy to see everything.  We did two laps around the Zoo which is about two miles.  On our way out though, I found a lost teddy bear!  We turned it in at lost and found.  I really hope someone comes back for it.  I always feel so bad for the lost teddy bears of the world.

On the way home we got stuck in about two hours worth of traffic and we didn’t get home until about 7PM!  Of course the storm had to roll in just as we were on the way home.  It’s OK.  We got home safe and sound (after a couple of really short stops), and we just settled in and snuggled for the rest of the night because we were really tired.  Sometimes those days where you just run around are the most tiring.

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