Shiny, Shiny, Shiny

2014-02-02 17.27.17

Master Pravus has two pairs of Docs right now, one pair is his heavy winter boots (those don’t get any sort of shine, because I condition them with Hubberd’s Shoe Grease instead).  Then, he has the pair you see above.  At the time when we were moving, we didn’t think he would need these boots, so we packed them, and we kept the winter ones out as it was getting colder outside.  We have been putting in a lot of time trying to unpack the rest of the house and this past weekend we finally came across these!  Yay!  These are Master Pravus’ spit-shined boots.  I spend a lot of time trying to keep them beautiful and shiny, and since he has unpacked them we finally are able to spend a little more time working on bootblacking.

I spend a lot of time on my own shoes and boots, but the best is when Master Pravus puts his boots on for me and lets me go to town with my polish and china markers.  It has honestly been a long time since we’ve really done anything like this together, because I have been too sick until now to sit up or kneel for long lengths at a time. 

Master Pravus put his boots on and sat on the couch while I unpacked my various implements and went to town, his foot on my thigh.  He kept telling me how much he loved the feel of the polish being rubbed in, or my hands on his boots.  Every time I licked the shine brush he grinned wide.  I’m not sure what he loves about that so much, but he sure does love it.

When he finished, he asked me if I wouldn’t mind working on his work shoes.  Of course I eagerly agreed.  I enjoyed myself a lot.  He told me that, time permitting, he’d like to spend time with me every night to work on bootblacking.  I love the idea, and I’m really hoping time permits!

Of course, open a box and leave it out long enough, and Serenade will climb on in.  At least she’s cute, huh?

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