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“Which of these can you wear today?”  Master asked me.  I knew he was referring to the fact that it was freezing as well as snowing outside, and not asking me which ones I felt like wearing.

“I can wear any of them.”

“None of them will be too cold?”

“I can make any of them wearable for the weather, I just may need to add a fishnet shirt or a pair of tights.”

He grinned.  I saw him rummage around in my closet a little bit, and then he picked out a spring dress.

“I like this one,” he told me.

“Then, that is the one I will wear.”  I smiled.

I ran around the apartment a little bit so I could go pick up a pair of tights and a fishnet top (as I predicted I may need to).  Master Pravus also picked out a hoodie since we were going to leave the house, though we didn’t zip it past my cleavage because tits.

“Do you want some help?” Master Pravus asked me.  It was obvious that he knew I didn’t need help, but it was also obvious that he wanted to dress me up for the sake of dressing me up.  I agreed of course, and he scrunched up my tights real small so that I had a place to put my foot in.  He made sure the tights were facing the right way with the seam in the back, and then he put my ruffly dress on me.  He tied the ribbon in the back of the dress and he turned me around to get a good look.

“You look so cute!  I love dressing you up and taking you out!” He was grinning from ear to ear.

I went downstairs to choose a pair of ears to go with the outfit Master picked out, and he even “helped” me put my shoes on.  When we first began dating, Master Pravus would dress me up like this all of the time.  When we were just staying in, or having sex, or anything, he would dress me too.  He wouldn’t do this because I asked him too (in fact, I was really uncomfortable with it in the beginning), he did it because he likes dressing me up like his little doll.  Back in those days, sometimes he would just pick out a pair of thigh high socks and a bra, or a fishnet shirt.  But, he would have me move this way and that and would remark how cute or sexy I looked once he was done.

I remember telling him at one point that I felt a little bit uncomfortable because to me it felt like being waited on.  He explained that it wasn’t me being waited on, it was him enjoying himself because he liked to dress me like that.  He told me that any time I wanted him to dress me up, all I had to do was lay my clothes out on the bed and he would dress me up like his little doll. 

I confess that I never laid my clothes out because there is this tiny niggling part of me that is bothered by asking my Master for something that I can obviously do myself, even if he loves to do it.  Don’t get me wrong, when he dresses me, it can be fun.  I just don’t think that I’m good at choosing the times that I “want” him to.  I like feeling like his precious, pampered doll.  But I also like it when he makes me do things which I think are impossible for me to do.  Both present their own challenges to me, and without that variety of emotion, I wouldn’t feel as fulfilled as I do right now.

Thank you Master.  Thank you for allowing me to experience everything from pampering, to humiliation, to smallness, to fear, shame, joy, nervous, pleasure, pain, and everything in between.

4 thoughts on “Dolly

  1. I actually really really love being dressed up and being turned this way and that. But I definitely share your feelings on feeling a little ashamed? I guess for asking for this kind of thing when I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself [enough spoons permitting!]

    1. @Kitty I can only recall maybe a total of two or three times I was actually incapable of dressing myself. Thank goodness! But, it definitely is something I get into when Master chooses to do it, even if it’s not something I can specifically ask for.

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