Some acts of service are so subtle, and yet, they speak volumes for the people who are participating.  Generally, I make sure that I carry around a lip balm or a chapstick everywhere I go.  The dry Colorado air means that there’s at least one lip balm in every single room of the house: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.  When we leave the house I make sure that I have a chapstick in my pocket in case either one of us needs it.  It’s not that Master Pravus has made this a rule or anything, but the few times he has asked me and I didn’t have one, I felt awful.  So, I go out of my way now to make sure that I do have one.

I’m not entirely sure how it started happening, but lately, when Master Pravus needs or wants the chapstick, I’ve been applying it for him.  It isn’t that he can’t do it himself, but, it’s just another way I can show him my submission.  It’s another way that he gets even more attention from me.  It’s another way for me to feel beneath.  It’s one small thing that makes us both pause no matter where we are, and take a moment, and it can be done in public regardless of who (children included) is around.


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