The Hole

A shot of the closet, with the sliding door open.
A shot of the closet, with the sliding door open.

“Do you think you can fit in there?”

“I can try. There’s no spiders?”

“No spiders. I checked.”

The space Master was asking me to fit into was the bottom shelf of the linen closet, so I would have been on the floor.  I walked over and lowered myself to the ground.  I put my legs in first and slid in a lot easier than I thought I would.  (I always over estimate my size).

“Yes, I fit!”  I noticed that I had comfortable room enough to move a little bit and to move my head to various positions if I desired.  Master closed the door.

“This is fun!” I called to Master.  I could see light all around the outside of the door because the closet didn’t close flush against the wall.  There was a one inch or so space that the track the door sits in didn’t extend to the wall.

A shot with the door shut.
A shot with the door shut.

Master shut off the hall light.  It got darker in my little cave.  He shut off the light in the bedroom.  It got dark.

“I’m scared!”

“It’s punishment, you aren’t supoosed to enjoy it.”

One more quiet “mew” escaped my lips before becoming silent again. I love the idea of being (AFF) caged so much, and I had always wanted a cage so I admit that it hadn’t occurred to me that this would be the punishment for my minor transgression earlier.

I could tell Master was still right outside the closet, because I hadn’t heard him walk away.  The air felt strained to me.  I felt awful about moving when I wasn’t supposed to earlier. I was told to be still and there was really no good reason for me moving. Sometimes the guilt of misbehaving is almost worse than any punishment I could be given.  Sitting “alone” with my thoughts made me feel awful. I don’t know how long I was in there. It felt like forever and yet, like no time at all.

“I want you to count to thirty.” Master instructed me, after what seemed (at the time) to be forever.

“Out loud?” I asked.  I just wanted to be sure that I did it right.

“Yes, out loud.”

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.”

I was scared and I didn’t like being in the Hole as much as I thought I would, but only because it was dark.  I’d have loved it in the daytime or even with a light on, as I did in the beginning.  I made myself count slowly and evenly though, desperately trying to please Master after my little act of disobedience earlier.

“You can come out now, Kitty.”  Master told me.

I crawled out of the Hole, and I told Master I felt really awful about earlier, and I felt like a bad girl and that I was just so sorry.  Master told me not to be upset anymore:

“You were a bad girl going in, but when you came out, you were a good girl again.”

Thank goodness for Master, because I don’t usually see it that way, and I would not have thought of that.  I just hope I don’t mess up again any time soon.  I hate disappointing Master.

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6 thoughts on “The Hole

  1. We almost never do punishment, and never related to play activities. That said, this sounds like a well-calibrated approach to a “minor transgression” for those that do have that in their relationship. It expiates any guilt, with no lingering worry (I hope).

    1. @Nadadikandang Punishment is very important to Master and me. We don’t do punishment a lot because I try my best to be obedient and follow rules and directions but sometimes I slip up. For us, punishment is there to correct wrong behaviours to deter bad things from happening again. Since I like pain, pain is never used as a punishment and my punishments wind up being similar to the one I described here: no physical contact, and locked up somewhere dark. I don’t like dark places (thus the fact it works as punishment), but when I do something wrong accident or no, I know I deserve it.

  2. This post was really moving for me for some reason. i could feel the whole thing, i could hear you “mew” that last tiny mew. i know how bad you felt for disobeying Him and most importantly, so does He. It wouldn’t surprise me if He not only stayed outside that linen closet, but kept His hand on the knob.

    Master and i have that box and when it’s at it’s very darkest and i hear Him leave the room i know it’s for real. i’m totally alone and there’s nothing i can do but deal with the punishment or circumstance He’s put me in.

    The feeling of being let out of that darkness and into the light is really exactly th!at though isn’t it? At least that’s how it is for me, a new beginning that He’s given me where i’m forgiven and given a fresh start! =)

    *hugs* <3

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