Palm Tree


It has honestly been so long since we did any cupping.  One reason why is because Master Pravus has mainly been doing wet cupping with me, but as I’m anemic, bleeding me for fun really isn’t a great idea right now.  There are mixed reviews on whether or not it’s a great idea to do dry cupping while anemic, but we decided to go through with it anyway because we both enjoy it a lot. A morale boost can be a powerful thing when you’re healing!  Master Pravus had me lay down on a blanket in the front room, and he started to put cups on my back.  I had no idea he was intending to make a picture but I did feel that he was basically putting the cups only on my upper back, which I thought was unusual, but I didn’t really care.  I mean, wherever he wants to put the cups is fine with me.

After he got all the cups on my back, he told me we were going to wait a bit before he went ahead and finished his pattern.  I was surprised and asked him what pattern he was trying to make.  He told me he was making a palm tree, in anticipation of our trip to Vegas in a few weeks.

“When you think of Vegas, you think of palm trees?”  I asked, a bit of teasing in my voice.

“Vegas has palm trees!”  Master Pravus countered. As he tapped the cups this way and that to make them feel more sore against my skin I softly smiled. I’m not sure why palm trees are the last thing I think of when I think of Las Vegas. Maybe because I’ve never been?  I don’t know how long he left the cups on, but he started just yanking them off without releasing the seal.  I liked the sensation a lot.  He put them back into their case and he moved the cups around here and there to make his palm tree.  I felt him pull my skirt and panties down a little bit to get better access to my low back.


When he was done, he took a picture to show me my back so I could see the tree pattern.  I thought it looked really nice.  As I type this, most of the circles are a deep dark purple now, though there are some lighter spots and some places where no marks showed up at all.  It had been such a long time since we had done any dry cupping, and the differences in sensation were noticeable.  For one, Removing the cups didn’t feel quite as intense.  For another, I missed the prick of the needle before Master placed down any cups.  Not that every session has to be the absolute most intense ever.  I did like this a lot, and I really enjoyed the fun pattern Master Pravus made on my back.

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