Heavy Blanket

Master gave me the Hitachi, and told me he was going to watch me finish myself off.  We had just spent a lot of time playing together, and I was really close to climax.  He handed me the toy, and I spread my legs wide.  We were not making eye contact, but, as I sometimes do, I found myself getting nervous as he sat there with one hand on his dick; eyes burning a hole into my flesh.

“What’s wrong, Kitty?  Not into it?”

I told him that I was very excited, but I was just feeling kind of shy.  He took a thick (double layer) heavy blanket we had nearby and he folded it in half, making it four layers.  He plopped it down over my head, and then tucked in all the edges so that I couldn’t get a gasp of air out of the sides.  He’s done this before with lighter blankets or pillows, but this particular blanket was an experience all its own.  At first I could breathe okay.  I had to pull a little harder to get a breath than I would without it, but I could breathe.  As I got closer to cumming, it became harder to breathe.  I had to take much deeper breaths and pull much harder against the blanket. 

After I came, Master climbed on top of me, and the added weight of his body made things even tougher.  With each thrust I had a harder and harder time getting any air at all.  I felt light and floaty, but I admit, I did panic a little in the middle.  In my head I was thinking:

“OMG, I can’t breathe.”

I had to remind myself that, yes, I could breathe, it was just much more difficult than normal, but I could breathe.  After Master finished up, I lay there, somewhat like a fish with a full open mouth trying desperately to suck air in through the blanket.  After a while Master told me I was allowed to get up.  I didn’t move though, as always, I waited for him to remove the blanket himself.  Then, I stared off into the ceiling.  Peacefully.

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