Palm Tree Touch Up

When we moved, Master Pravus gave me the violet wand attachment (we only have one, but thought we would add one each year.  We hope to pick up another one at this year’s Sin in the City.) and he told me that he wanted me to put it somewhere safe so that it wouldn’t get lost on the way over to the new apartment.  I wrapped it carefully in a soft paper napkin, and I put it in the glove box of the car. 

Of course, during all the mayhem and bullshit that went on during the move, and aside from the fact that I was dead on my feet for a good two weeks there, I completely forgot where I put it.  Seeing as how we hadn’t unpacked the base of the wand (we had put a couple of toys aside in the luggage, but packed everything else) we hadn’t really thought about it or remembered where it had gone.  After we unpacked the base, Master Pravus asked me where the attachment was.

I kept being so sure I knew where it was.  I tried my bedside table.  I tried this drawer or that.  I tried my backpack, and my little clutch, and nothing.  I felt so bad, and he kept bringing up to me that he wanted to find the attachment so that we could use the violet wand.  I love using the wand, and I hate disappointing Master Pravus, so I was just sad.

Then, this past weekend, we were on our way to the Zoo (as always), and he had given me an orange monster energy drink so that I would last longer on our walk.  I asked him if he happened to have a straw in his backpack, and he said he didn’t, but that he would help me look in the glove box if I didn’t find one.  (Sometimes he’ll lift the front stuff so I can look around in the waaay back).  Voila!!  The attachment popped out of the glove box and we both rejoiced!  Of course, there was no straw, but I am good at roughing it, so all was well.


After the Zoo we went home, and did all sorts of things.  I was tired because I managed to do seven miles at the Zoo, which was pretty badass for me considering how I have been working my way back up to my normal activity level.  Because I was a little out of it, when it came time for play, I had completely forgotten about the violet wand!  Master Pravus had me lay down on my tummy and I heard the violet wand zip-zapping here and there.  It was a complete (but not unwelcome) shock (no pun intended).

As Master Pravus ran the violet wand this way and that, he asked me if I knew what pattern he was making.

“You’re making a pattern?  I had no idea,”  I told him.

“I’m touching up your palm tree,” he told me.  “It’s starting to look a bit faded.”  I smiled to myself.  I like the palm tree pattern he made on me and I was glad to help it hang around a little longer if need be.

Later on, when we were done showering and we were downstairs relaxing a bit, I thought to myself “Why does it feel like my back is sunburned?”  And then: “Right.”  =^^=  I can be so out of it sometimes.

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