Adventures in Military Surplus

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Ok.  I wouldn’t even be up writing this right now, except that Master Pravus insisted I write this post before bed.  I was sitting in the car saying “Thank you” in as many ways as I could think of and glowing all over, and he told me I’d better get this post written while I was still glowing.  So, while Master Pravus relaxes with the anniversary edition of Fable, let me recount the amazing adventure I just had.

I’ve been working hard on wearing my heels around the house.  I’ve been getting pretty good in the stilettos I have, and Master Pravus thought I might be okay to go out to dinner wearing a pair of short ankle boots with a heel on them.  The heel is about two inches, and the base is stable and wide; they are the furthest from stilettos that they could be.  Of course, things went great. 

I walked down the stairs with a bounce in my step (it’s amazing how a nice pair of shoes makes you feel, isn’t it?), and I made it to the car with no problems at all.  I got inside the restaurant, ate dinner, and we left.  On the way to the car though, I unfortunately (you guessed it) subluxed my toe.  Yep.  I don’t know what it is about these shoes.  Master thinks that maybe it is the angle of the shoe itself, because these are the shoes I wore before when I subluxed my toe.  Unfortunately, a sublux means no heels for three to six months.  Balls.

Realizing that the shoes I was intending to wear to Vegas would be a bad choice now, we decided to go on a wild boot-chase to see if we could find me a pair of shoes for vacation.  I don’t own many pairs of shoes right now, and to be honest most of them are heels.  We tried several stores, and we didn’t find anything.  (Although, Master Pravus did pick me up a cute pair of heels that actually have a strap across the front of them so that they would stay on more easily when I am practicing, rather than the pair I have, which has no strap and is more of a slip-on affair.)

heels for practise

After trying several stores with no luck, Master Pravus remembered that he used to buy his stompy boots at military supply stores, and decided to bring me to one.  I had never been to one, and I was a little nervous.  I mean, I had no idea if you needed to be military to go there, or if they would have anything that would appeal to us.  I know that sounds pretty silly, but I just had never gone to one. 

I ran to the bathroom when I got to the store, and had to meet up with Master Pravus who was already looking at boots.  I’m rather particular about footwear, and there were so many pretty drool-worthy shoes and boots!  I wanted them all!  When I got to see what Master Pravus had chosen for me, I had to wait while the guys working in the store went around to the back to figure out if they had my size in stock.  While we were waiting, Master Pravus told me I could go ahead and look at the boots and tell him which ones I thought I liked.

That’s when I saw the pair.  They were above me on the shelf, and I couldn’t even reach them.  They were a gorgeous pair of shiny paratrooper boots.  I know this will sound absurd, but my mouth smiled without my permission and I almost cried.  Actually, the last time I remember being so emotional over an item Master Pravus was going to buy me was when he bought me Rosie.  It was really love at first sight.  Unfortunately, the boots were a lot more expensive than the pair Master Pravus had picked out for me, but he let me try them on, anyway.

I sat down on the bench and put one boot on each foot (the store was trying to close and they were waiting for me to hurry the heck up), Master Pravus helped me lace the boots and he asked me which pair I liked best.  I said that, before walking, the paratrooper boots felt best.

“Of course they do!”  Master Pravus joked.

He let me walk around the store a little bit and I told him that the pair he picked would definitely require a lot of breaking in, and that I would need to probably buy blister blocks for my heel until they were totally broken in.  Master Pravus asked me about the other boots, and I admitted that they felt like they were made for my foot.  I had to promise to give up my allowance this month, but he let me get them.

On the way out of the store, I hugged the box containing my new boots to my chest.  I was more excited than I was when he got me my Wii U, and I was pretty freaking excited then.  I do feel guilty that Master Pravus bought me the boots, (I always feel guilty when he spends money on me), but I adore my new boots, and I’m excited to wear them everywhere.  I mean, who needs heels when you have stompy stompies?

I am dying to black these fuckers, but Master Pravus wants me to recondition his winter boots tomorrow, so I don’t know if my wrists will hold up.  Soon though!

::Swoony melty purry happy noise::

<3 <3 <3

stompy boots 2

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