Valentine’s Day 2014

Last year we thought we would start the tradition of a piercing or tattoo on Valentine’s Day each year. This year, we had to cancel that, because I’m due for surgery soon. The surgery is very, very, very, very minor, but it will require me to take out all metal, and what would be the point of going to get a piercing only to lose it in a month?  Or, getting a tattoo and further crippling my already crippled immune system.  We have plans, but they need to wait.

This year, we’re going to Sin in the City again, and while that’s sort of our big present to ourselves, Master Pravus still wanted to do something special on Valentine’s Day itself.  Nothing crazy, just something, you know?  We go to the Zoo a lot to walk around, and on the way we noticed a crazy little doughnut shop.  We aren’t really big on doughnuts, but every single time we drive by this place, there is a line out the door and down the block, it’s insanity.  What on EARTH could be so amazing about these doughnuts that people will line up just to get one?

doughnut 2

So, Master got a plain doughnut, and I got this one, above.  Chill out, Man, it’s just a doughnut.  Ha ha.  Even the doughnuts in Colorado are blunt shaped.  It was actually pretty good.  It was a cinnamon doughnut with red sprinkles.

As I was eating my doughnut, and Master Pravus was eating his I asked him if he liked his doughnut.  He said he did.

“Yeah,” I said “But, was it worth a forty minute wait in line?”

“No.” He said, no hesitation.

That’s kind of what I thought.  The doughnuts were fresh and tasty, and they did have a lot of cool flavors and a lot of neat things there, but would we wait that long in line for a doughnut again?  No.

“If we are driving by one day and there is no line, maybe I’d stop in for a treat,” was his opinion.  Mine too.  But, since doughnuts aren’t really our first go-to treat anyway, I’m not sure we’ll go back again anytime soon.

It was still a fun adventure and I’m glad we did go.  It’s nice to do something silly (like wait in line for a dessert) every so often, even if it doesn’t wind up being worth the hype.  It was still a nice treat.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2014

  1. Happy Valentine’s to you and you’re Master Kitty! 🙂 We actually have a tradition of buying chocolate on V-Day 🙂 It works out to because it goes on sale on V-Day ^-^

    1. Thanks @MomoNoHanna That’s cute! I love the idea of buying chocolate on Valentine’s Day! You get a lot more since it’s all one sale. Hee hee. 🙂

  2. Now i think you know that i have a pretty incredible “sweet tooth”!! i would almost rather eat sweets than my regular food. Standing in line for a doughnut does seem a bit nutso but i’ve done it… Where i used to live there’s this Apple Orchard and they are only open in the fall. They make apple cider doughnuts and people drive for miles and miles to buy these doughnuts. When you get them they are hot and fresh out of the frier and just rolled in sugar. The lines can be crazy if you go on the “wrong day” and sometimes they limit how many you buy just because they can’t keep up.

    i will admit that more than once, Master has taken me there, from here… a 3 hour drive… to get doughnuts. BUT!!! i see friends, family and do other things when we’re there!! hehe i certainly have a one track mind until we get our doughnuts, however!! i’m sure a large part of this whole thing could be nostalgia but i am not going to use that as an excuse, so, guilty! haha!!


    1. @Treasure Holy good baby jebus! APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS??? Now THAT sounds incredible. These were nothing like that. They had special flavors, yeah, but they weren’t like, out of this world delicious or anything. Not bad, but not AMAZING, you know?

      There are places I’ve driven a few hours to get there, but not for the food alone.. YET! Ha ha, I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

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