21.75 Miles

Wanna talk about awesome awesomeness?  I do!  Over the weekend (which I didn’t realize was a long weekend until Master told me on Friday) Master and me managed to walk a total of 21.75 miles between all three days. 

Since the POTS episode in July, this is the best I have done in one weekend.  I’m starting to feel so much better that Master Pravus and me are going to test the waters with my compression socks and see if I can go without them.  Unfortunately, until my anemia is gone I have been advised to forgo my pretty girdle.  Compression on the tummy is great for POTS, but very awful for anemia. 

So, things are really awesome over here. Not perfect, no, but awesome! I’m doing so well with walking that we are going to start working on jogging again soon.  I know jogging isn’t recommended with Ehlers-Danlos, but then again, getting out of bed in the morning is dangerous for me.  Ha ha.  I mean, I’ve subluxed my shoulder opening the fridge before, so pretty much nothing is a “safe” activity.  I’m too stubborn to give up.  We’re going to take the jogging pretty slow to start with though, one minute walking thirty second jogs.  No one over here is in a rush. 

Got some family news over the weekend.  My brother is expecting a baby with his new wife.  To be honest, I’m really not close at all to my brother so I really feel quite neutral about this. I mean, we never speak so it is hard to be excited for him or upset for him, if that makes sense.  When I last spoke with him he didn’t want kids and his wife was bullying him about it.  So, if this is what he also wanted then I’m happy for him.  But, if she just forced this upon him then I feel bad.  I got the news second hand because they tried calling when we weren’t home so it’s hard to know what to think.  To be honest we never talk either though so I just don’t really feel strongly either way.  Mom is over the moon though.  She has always wanted a grandchild and we already (politely) told her she would not be getting one from us.  So, I’m happy that she is happy at least. 

Vacation is next week and we are so excited.  Things at home are the way we want them to be right now: active during the day, kinky and relaxing at night!  There are a whole lot of exciting things planned for the upcoming year and instead of feeling apprehensive about them I finally feel hopeful.  This is what winning feels like! 


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