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If you read this blog at all, you will have noticed by now that Master Pravus and me are heavy BDSM players, and further, that we are very heavily into various types of gags.  I have several gags, one of them is my absolute favorite and we use that one the most because not only is it very comfortable, but Master Pravus likes seeing it in my mouth (it’s a huge gag).  Unfortunately, the particular maker of that gag has not been in business for quite a while, and we are worried that it’ll be on its last legs soon.  (Like I said, we use that gag a lot.)  Being as awesome as they are, Lovehoney offered to let me try a gag from their new DOMINIX line.  There were so many that it was hard to choose one, but we decided on the DOMININX Deluxe Leather Round Ball Gag as it is the most similar to our current favorite.

The gag arrived in a simple plastic bag, no excess packaging here to worry about.  Feeling the gag in my hands, I could tell this was a quality item.  The straps on the gag are very sturdy and stiff (but break in quite nicely after a few wearings), and the “ball” feels firm, yet soft to the touch.  I am unsure of what this is stuffed with, but it is densely packed.  Looks are one thing, but how did this toy hold up in use?

First, I want to make something clear about this toy: it is not for beginners.  Lovehoney is a sex toy store first and foremost, which means that they are not a specialty bondage or kink store.  In the past, I have tried many items calling themselves “bondage gear” or similar purchased from non-specialty stores, and I found a whole bunch of cheaply made items that fell apart, so I stopped reviewing or trying bondage items from non bondage specific stores.  I had a good feeling about the DOMINIX line, and I was right.  This, finally, is a high quality piece of bondage gear.

Why is this not really a beginner item?  Several reasons.  For one, it is a huge gag.  I have a huge jaw (which is also hypermobile), and I can take a solid 3” ball gag easily.  My jaw gets tired after a little while, but it fits just fine.  This particular gag is 3” in height.  The “ball” of the gag is not stuffed like a sphere.  What you have here is a round piece of leather that is mostly flat in nature, similar to a coin.  There is a little bit of give to the ball, but not much.  If you can’t take a 2.75” gag easily (that is roughly how much this will compress during play), then you will not want to use this gag.  Mainly this particular issue is an anatomy one.  I recommend starting with a 1.5” ball gag your first time around, and trying out other ones once you get an idea of what you can take.

The second big reason this is absolutely not a beginner toy is that it will take a bit of planning in order to use it.  The ball (as already mentioned) is quite large, and while all gags make you drool to a certain extent, each gag is different.  Of course, being that your jaw is open quite a bit, and that the ball itself will not compress very much, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have very little or next to no ability to swallow while wearing this.  Some gags (depending on how small or squishy they are) will allow you to swallow, so that you don’t choke on drool.  I found it very difficult to move my jaw at all, and therefore, swallowing was out.  Because of this, I could not be placed on my back while using this toy.  If you’re placed on your back it is very easy to choke on the huge amount of spit that will build up in your mouth.  For us, we found the only option was to put me on my side, tummy, or to have me kneeling or standing.  I’m a seasoned gag wearer, and I have worn everything from bit gags to O ring gags and more, and I can usually swallow at least a tiny bit.  Not with this gag.  Please keep this in mind before you play, and during your play session.


Aside from not being able to lay on my back, I really do love this gag.  It is a strict gag (not a toy by any means), and it will prevent you from even moaning.  The gag will fit a variety of people from 13.5” to 21.5.”  I found that the strap itself was a bit long, and we decided to cut it down a bit to make it a little easier to wear.  (Otherwise, the strap tended to get caught in other gear I was wearing, or my hair.  For me, this is the perfect gag, because I really do like the strictness and I am not turned off by the fact that I can’t lay on my back with it (I have one gag which is actually larger than this one, and it is the same deal).  The only real fault I could find with this gag is that it is non-locking.  That’s not a deal breaker for me, but I know it is for a lot of people out there so head’s up!

How about sharing the gag?  I wouldn’t, unless it’s with someone you’re fluid bonded with.  Leather is porous, and it cannot be sterilized.  You can use a barely damp rag if you need to wipe something off of it, but I wouldn’t go to town with saddle soap on the part you’ll be putting in your mouth, for obvious reasons.

Is this an amazing gag?  YES!  But, it really is only for seasoned gag wearers, so please choose one of Lovehoney’s other amazing gags if you’re just starting out.  As I’m not a beginner and this suited my needs to a “T”, I’m going to give this gag 5 paws:

5 paw

Thank you so much, Lovehoney, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this gag in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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