Looks Can Be Deceiving

Master Pravus and me decided to go out for dinner the other day.  Nowhere fancy, just a little place we discovered while we were driving around.  We went inside and waited to be seated.  Before we were seated, the manager asked us if we were a part of their discount club.  We’d only been there once before, so we told him that no, we weren’t.  As it was free to join (we don’t go to any one place often enough to pay to join a loyalty program), Master Pravus whipped his phone out to get to sign up online.

So, the manager comes right next to Master Pravus and he says:

“Well, she’s younger than you,” (pointing to me) “So, if you need help, ask her, but…”  And he proceeded to show Master Pravus where to sign up.  (I want to point out, he didn’t need any help at all, the manager was just a very hands-on guy.)

Thankfully, he didn’t mistake me for Master Pravus’ daughter, as has happened before, and neither Master Pravus nor me said anything.  Master Pravus looked at me, grinning ear to ear because he thought it was funny.  After we were seated at the table I said:

“Gawd, I needed that today!”  I couldn’t stop smiling.  I have been feeling kind of ugly lately (anemia has me looking pastier than I normally do, plus dark circles under my eyes too), and sometimes a genuine compliment is an awesome boost. 

We had a good laugh about the whole thing.  It’s been a while since anyone has said anything like that to Master Pravus or me about our ages, that sometimes I even forget that we have a 14 year difference.  The funniest part about the whole thing was that even though I am, in fact, younger than Master Pravus, I definitely would be the one most likely to need help with something that involved technology.

3 thoughts on “Looks Can Be Deceiving

  1. Wow!! First of all, i can’t believe that YOU of all people have been feeling ugly! i think you’re like one of the most adorablest people evar! >swoons< Second of all, i am shocked that your M took it so well, that he'd need help with signing up! i mean geez wiz, He's like lightning with that phone! Anywho, you guys handled that super well!! /claps and /smooch cause i wanna.

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