Well, vacation starts tomorrow night, which is super exciting to us.  I mean, we don’t go away often, and a convention is as good an excuse as any to do so.  Besides, going to Las Vegas is always exciting, and this gives us an excuse to stay for the con and also stay extra for whatever other fun we want to get up to.  We have been talking about Vegas almost non-stop this past weekend.  The funny thing is, most people probably assume it is me that is getting excited and unable to stop talking about it.  I mean, yeah, I’m excited, but not as excited as Master Pravus is, I don’t think.  Every few minutes he looks at me and says:


So yeah.  I think he wins the most excited ever award.  🙂  I’m excited, but nervous.  I had a rough weekend due to anemia and I had a heck of a time doing the normal things we like to do.  My period ended last week, and that always seems to make the anemia worse.  I’m subsisting on iron tablets, molasses, and iron rich foods right now, but until I get my ablation done, this is going to just be a vicious cycle.  :/  I want to go on vacation and have an awesome time, but I’m also kind of nervous that it’ll be tedious for me and rough.  All I can do is rest up before the trip, cross my fingers, and hope for the best though, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

I don’t recall how the idea came about, but we have decided to leave for our trip one day early.  He’s going to come home from work, shower, change, etc, and then we’re going to hit the road.  Thing is, we were planning on leaving at 3AM Thursday morning, but we can’t get an early night’s sleep or anything like that.  The medicine I take for my POTS to increase my blood pressure is pretty volatile and you can’t lay down for two hours after taking it.  That’s not really a problem in my day to day life, because I take it in the morning and then two hours before bed.  However, it does mean that, no matter what, we wouldn’t be able to get to sleep until 11PM on Wednesday night.  The chances of us even managing to sleep for those four hours before we were planning on heading out are pretty low, too, so we just figure we may as well just pack up, eat dinner, and go.  If we get super tired we can always pull over onto a rest area and take a nap.  There’s nothing going on in Vegas for us on Thursday, so we can take our time, and we’ll get to Vegas early enough in the day that we could explore a little if we want before check-in time.

So, the weekend was mostly spent packing, getting things ready, tidying up the house..  Oh yeah, and our toilet just started backing up and leaking all over the place on Friday night when we weren’t even home.  Fun, yes?  The complex got an emergency plumber out to us on Saturday morning, and everything got fixed up, but I swear.  Never a dull moment over here, is there?

4 thoughts on “SQUEE!

    1. @jadescastle Wow! Good memory! We did forget the cuffs last year but had them this year. Apple Pig had a ton of fun in Vegas two years in a row. 🙂

      1. Good-o. i was worried about the cuffs, because i remembered that and thought of how hard that would be to sleep without what you were used to. i hope you are having an absolute blast. You deserve it. 😀

        1. @Jadescastle You’re so sweet. 🙂 Master put my locking cuffs on me before we left so there was no chance of forgetting them. It seems like no matter what we always forget one thing when we go away, you know? Somehow we managed to remember everything this time. 🙂

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