Vacation 2014! See You Guys Soon!


Last year when I went with Master on vacation, he had the intention of having me blog everyday.  It worked for about the first week or so, but then we got caught up with going here and there and the time got away from us.  This year we’re only going to be gone for one week, but I probably won’t be updating this blog until I get back.  The reason why is pretty simple, in order to have Wi-Fi in your room, you have to pay $10 per day.  We honestly can’t see the point in paying $70 in order to update my blog.  I mean, we’ll be on vacation, which means we’ll be in the actual hotel room very little, so it’s kind of pointless to us.  Master is bringing the laptop with us so I can “take notes” to publish when we get home.  Fair enough.  While we’re gone, here’s the blogs from last year’s vacation:

  1. Hedonism Week Part 1
  2. Hedonism Week Day 2, 3, 4
  3. Hedonism Week Day 5
  4. Hedonism Week Day 6
  5. Hedonism Week Reflections Part 1
  6. Hedonism Week Reflections Part 2
  7. Hedonism Week Reflections Part 3
  8. Hedonism Week Reflections Part 4

Wanna read something ranty?

  1. Punishment
  2. “But That’s Just You Doing Stuff To Yourself!”
  3. Twitter
  4. Marriage Negativity
  5. Fears

Looking for something particularly sexy?

  1. Alice In Wonderland
  2. Why Do You Like Marks So Much?
  3. First Electroplay
  4. Boot, Meet Ass
  5. Gasp

How about a review or two?

  1. The Rippler
  2. The Seductive Art Of Japanese Bondage
  3. If Hagrid’s Fingers Were A Dildo
  4. Roped In
  5. A Kitty, Plus Bubble, Equals

I hope you enjoy!  In the meantime Master will be off at Sin in the City having a blast.  If you’re going and happen to see us, please say “Hello!”  We don’t bite.  =^.~=  We’ll both be around intermittently via Twitter.  Mew mew!  See you guys in about a week!

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