Sin in the City 2014

Last year’s Sin in the City was so amazing for Master and me, that of course we needed to attend this year’s!  In fact, we had such an amazing time that we have already decided to go next year as well!  Whoop!

:::As a disclaimer I won’t be discussing any of the people I played with at the con, who did not give me explicit enthusiastic permission to talk about them here on the blog. As another odd little note: I really don’t ask either, so unless the person knows me, knows I have a blog, and tells me they would like me to blog about our experience together, yeah, it just doesn’t get blogged about. This is important because Master and me DO enjoy playing with other people, but those other people have a right to be respected and not have all of their actions discussed in a public way. Thanks for understanding:::

SIN IN THE CITY!!  Oh my gosh, well, I do just want to say that I experienced so many firsts this year.  I will not be doing a step-by-step journey through my weekend, but here are some of the highlights:

Getting to see friends, both old and new, from last year!  It was so awesome bumping into and catching up with so many cool perverts.  On the day that Master and me arrived to the hotel we were staying at, we ran into a group of kinksters doing a little meet and greet munch.  We hadn’t met any of those people before, but, they were incredibly welcoming and we were met with smiles, hugs, and fun stories.  It was awesome getting to know them, and that’s one of the best things about Sin in the City and kinksters in general.  You may not know anyone by name, but the kink community is an overall friendly one, and I almost always feel like I’m among family even when I’m just surrounded by a bunch of perverts.  I heart perverts.  <3  We also got to meet Saynine and Jewelgen from Twitter!  They were both so sweet and awesome and we all took selfies together.  =^^=

Pony Play:

I had quite a bit of pony play time this trip!  I got to compete in a pony play competition, which was something that I have always wanted to do.  The competition was a derby, so we ponies had to run around the track twice.  I came in dead last (third out of three ponies), but I won a ribbon!  There was about a twenty second delay between me and the second place pony.  I was wearing full gear, and there was another girl there was also in full gear.  The third entry was not in any type of bondage, and it was a really casual type of race.  I got complimented by everyone on my form, and I was very proud of myself. 

Master had already had a talk with me before the race.  He told me that he didn’t care what place I came in, the important thing was to maintain good form, and to only go as fast as I could.  I started to feel really ill on my second run around the track, and I actually collapsed at the end of the race.  I was terrified I would faint, but luckily I was able to maintain consciousness.  It’s really awful being unable to stand and walk.  I cannot wait to have my surgeries to get my anemia under control.  I’m sick of the anemia being an issue for physically demanding activities.  I was so excited about my ribbon though, I have always wanted to win a ribbon, and I wore it all weekend.

Speaking of pony play, I was approached by one of the trainers at the competition who wanted to work with me one on one!  I was excited because it has been a few years since I have worked with anyone else in regards to pony play.  There was another trainer in Boston I worked with a couple of times, and another one who traveled from Maryland to work with me, so it had been a while.  I will not give details on who it was I worked with (see above), nor what we did exactly.  I will say that, of all the trainers I have worked with (all of whom have been heavily into pony play, and two of them being community leaders for pony play), each of them had completely different styles of play. 

The form Master has taught me has been quite a bit different than the form I was taught over the weekend (much more in line with the initial two trainers we both worked with), and all in all we are going to stick with our style as we continue the pony training we’re doing.  Still, I have learned at least a few different things that have permeated our play from each trainer, and this particular one was no exception.  I was proud of myself for managing to learn some new steps, and Master was proud too!  We are eager to get back to more pony stuff now that we’re home.  =^^=

Demo Bottom:

I have always wanted to be a demo bottom.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a demo bottom?  It always looks so fun!  So, imagine my excitement when Master Pravus came home from work a couple of days before Sin and told me that he had volunteered me to be a demo bottom for the Temporary Branding with the Violet Wand class!  The best part about it was that it was a complete surprise.  Master usually warns me about these things, just to get an idea of how I feel/how excited I am, but this time he didn’t even tell me.  Of course, Master has every right to just volunteer me for things, and I was extremely excited in a good way that he set this up with no warning. 

So, this Sin I got the chance to demo for the first time.  We met up with Dr. Clockwork ahead of time to just touch base and he let us know that he could do a pretty elaborate piece if we wanted.  I told him I had never been branded before, but I love the violet wand we have and I was sure I would be fine in class.  So, Master drew a skull face on my back with ballpoint pen and off we went to class!

Everything in class was going great.  I was sitting there and just waiting to be called up to the massage table for my brand.  Of course, right before he called me up there he started talking about how painful this was going to be and the fact that it feels like a tattoo over the bone.  I have never had a tattoo, and after class Master joked that no one warned us ahead of time that it might suck.  Fear is one thing that always gets me super worked up.  I always assume things will be way worse than they will be, and then I get scared.  So, I was completely calm up to that point, and then terror set in.  I reminded myself that nothing is ever as bad feeling as I think it will be though, and I calmed myself down, I’m pretty awesome like that.

Master discussed how long we’d like the brand to last (roughly), and away we went!  I was actually surprised by how painful it was to get the temporary brand.  I mean, I was able to sit still for it for the most part (the really, really hard part was whenever he took the branding pick off of my back and put it back on again.  Electricity somewhat sensitizes the skin, and I was feeling ticklish for those bits).  I was even ticklish just feeling the washcloth he was using when he picked that up and put it back down.  Still, the brand was definitely one of the more painful things I have experienced. 

Master told me that he didn’t think I was in any kind of discomfort because I wasn’t crying or whining/etc.   He told me he was very proud of me for being able to sit still for the brand.  I took several pictures which are up on my Tumblr, and I have intentions to make a blog post when the brand heals, and of course, as it fades.  I bet it will last a long time.  🙂

At one point in the beginning of the brand, Master knelt down and looked me square in the eye.  He was grinning like the Cheshire cat, and seeing him so happy made me so happy.  We need a couple more pieces of equipment in order to do brands on our own, but they are relatively inexpensive and Master is looking forward to picking them up.  =^^=

Stun Guns:

I’m definitely a bit of an electroslut.  Master and me love playing with the violet wand, the tens and the Intensity.  They are all really awesome, and there are more electro toys we want!  One of the really scary things about the electricity though is that, with some of the medical conditions I have people recommend not even trying electric play.  Boo.  We’re stubborn though, so we don’t let my medical stuff stop us from doing anything in the long term, though sometimes in the short term.  Stun guns are one type of equipment that has always scared me.  I’m not worried about the pain, but even less alarmist people have told us not to play with stun guns.  Master really wanted to though, and he even bought us a stun gun back a couple years ago at Thunder in the Mountains.  He never wound up hitting me with it though, because turning it on was enough to send me to tears and give me a big panic attack, so he didn’t need to put it on my skin for it to be effective.  Every group of about two got a free stun gun in class though, so we had one to play with while we were there.  >.<  Master brought me upstairs to our room to try the stun gun out in private.  He zapped my ass, and I actually giggled!  Yes, it hurts, but it’s a different type of electric play than I am used to and I like the feeling a lot.  It makes me laugh and bounce a little bit.  Master says he will work with me on teaching me to be a bit more still with the stun gun.  After all, we have all the time in the world to work on it.  Heh.  I really love it, and I am glad to get over my fear.  The noise still scares the crap out of me though, I’m not a fan of loud sounds.  >.<


Master told me ahead of time that he was looking forward to getting his boots blacked at the con, and I was excited for him.  He had never had his boots blacked by someone who was a “real” bootblack (meaning, better trained than me with boots).  He really enjoyed getting his boots blacked, and the person blacking his boots is someone I really admire (read: stalk) a lot.

The next morning, Master told me he was going to get my boots blacked for me.  I was terrified, and of course he had to tell the bootblack that I had never had anyone aside from me black my boots.  >.<  The woman got all excited and did things super sexy style.  Eek!  It was fun but a little scary.  She bit my leg twice, once as I was getting in the chair, and once big enough to leave a bruise (which is still there as I type this).  My experience was a bit more stressful than Master’s though.  The person blacking my boots was upset that I wasn’t being very dominant with her, and called me out on it when Master went away to use the bathroom.  I felt awful.  I told her that I knew that not all bootblacks were submissive and I hadn’t wanted to step on any toes or demand anything.  (Not to mention, I really am not dominant, and do not like having to act in such a way).  She said that was true, but that this was her service to me and that she wanted me to be less wishy washy with her.  Note to everyone out there reading this:  I’m just not dom enough.  (Like you didn’t know that already).  Still, it was awesome, and everyone complimented my boots on how shiny and pretty they were for the rest of the day.  Plus, I was taught a couple tricks which I will take with me.

One especially cool thing is that I was complimented on the care I take of Master’s boots.  The person blacking his boots told me she could tell I take great care of his boots because it didn’t take a lot of effort on her part to make them shine. 

I was encouraged by many people who were in the bootblack area to black boots publicly if that is what I want to do.  I said I didn’t think I knew enough about boots, and they told me that as long as the boots look better when I am done than when I started, that I do know.  They told me that everyone thinks that they don’t know enough about boots, but that there’s the basics, and then there are a bunch of tips and tricks.  So, Master and me are eager to find some places which want volunteer bootblacks, etc.  🙂  We will be on the hunt for local bootblacks.

The entire event was amazing and we enjoyed playing in the dungeon at night.  The only thing which was sort of funny was that, the dungeon filled up quickly and both nights we went the only equipment we were able to get were the massage tables.  Massage tables are nice, but as we have one at home, it would have been fun to be able to use a different piece of equipment.  Equipment is really our only draw to dungeons.  As much as I like being watched, dungeons just have less appeal to us both on the whole because they always have their silly rules.  Rules are great and all, but since we live alone there’s no reason to drive to a dungeon to…  Have to not be allowed to do some of the edgier things we like to do, you know?

Ooh, speaking of equipment I almost forgot!  In the dungeon one of the vendors was demoing a leather cage (you step inside it), and it mummifies you somewhat.  I couldn’t move at all, and it was really fun.  Master pushed me this way and that as I dangled from a small suspension rig totally helplessly.  If only we had a place to hang it in our new apartment!  Tee hee.

Master bought a machete in the vending area as well as a new violet wand attachment and another (longer piece) of violet wand reactive rope!  🙂  I can’t wait for next year already.

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