Vacation in Vegas 2014


Sin in the City is awesome, and we love going.  One thing that’s also awesome about Vegas is getting there a day early and staying a day late!  It gives us time to wander around a super awesome city and turn a weekend into a little vacation!  This year, there wasn’t a lot of stuff that we did in Vegas (we stayed a lot less than we did last year), but we decided we wanted to see the Secret Garden at the Mirage.


Here’s a shot of Master Pravus with a kitty bush.  Hee hee.  The Secret Garden is a wildlife preserve and it is so awesome in there.  Everything was just beautiful, and it was shaded too, so it wasn’t too bad walking around.  They even had dolphins, which is something I hadn’t expected.  (To be honest, I didn’t look anything up before we went.  Master Pravus told me there were lions and tigers, and I wanted to go because of that.)  The dolphins were so adorable though!  I had never seen any outside of a dolphin show, and it was cute just watching the dolphins milling around and doing whatever they wanted.  They reminded me somewhat of Serenade!  They would just splash around and pick their toys up on their own and toss them this way and that.  If we weren’t in a slight rush to start traveling home, I probably would have watched them as long as Master Pravus would let me.


All of the animals were behind fences, and I have no idea how Master managed to get this shot of the white tiger, but he’s just made of magic I guess.  I love this picture!  KITTY!  <3


Do I look super tired here?  Well, I am!  At this point, I had on my glasses and my yoga pants in preparation for a 12+ hour drive home.  Yep, I was in “comfy cozy” clothes, and already had not one, but two Monster energy drinks in my system.  They weren’t working.  Actually, right before we went home, Master Pravus took me to Palace Station for one last lunch as we would be on the road for quite a while and I almost fell asleep in my salad.  Yep.  Soo tired.  Today (as I type this) it’s actually Thursday.  We were home on Wednesday, and I still slept twelve hours this morning.  That’s a lot of sleep.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a couple of days before I totally recover from this vacation.  (In my opinion, if you don’t need to recover at least a little bit from vacation, you’re doing it wrong.)

We had decided ahead of time that we wanted to see one show while we were in Vegas.  We had been to the Tournament of Kings, Fantasy, and Penn and Teller the previous year, and so we didn’t want to repeat any of those.  Though, we were tempted to go see Tournament of Kings again because I guess they have revamped it, and we really did love it last year.  Maybe next year!  This year, Master Pravus had told me he’d like to take me to see Panda.  It looked awesome, but, when we went to buy tickets we realized it wasn’t showing the day we wanted to see it.  Awww.

One of my friends had gone to see Zombie Burlesque a few months ago and told me it was awesome, and, thinking of the fact that Master Pravus would probably love it, I mentioned it to him.  That’s the show we settled on, and I liked it a lot.  I think Master Pravus liked it more than I did, only because I don’t like zombies, but it was cute and sexy.  The only thing which was sucky is that the seats were basically a bunch of stand-alone chairs that were placed on an entirely flat floor.  I mean, there wasn’t even a “slant” to the floor, so I couldn’t see very much.  (Stupid vertical challenged lil kitty that I am).  Oh well.  What I did see looked really awesome, and there were a couple of dancers high up on things (like silks), and a pole.  The dancers in this show were SO much more talented than any of the dancers we had seen in any of the other shows, so that was a big plus.  I wouldn’t mind going again if they changed up the seating a little bit so you could actually see things.

waiting for Zombie Burlesque

We gambled a bit, nothing major though.  A couple of slot machines here and there, and we had a good time.  Penny slots only, please.  =^.~=  We really wanted to play Bingo, but unfortunately time got away from us and we missed it this year.  Most of our “extra” time in Vegas was spent just wandering from casino to casino in search of caffeine or just to see the different themes.  We didn’t gamble in every casino we went to (we only play a handful of slot machines, and not all of the slot machines are available in all of the casinos), but our favorite part of casinos is just being inside them!  If you haven’t been to Vegas, it might be hard to understand but they are so elaborate inside.  It’s so cool walking around and seeing the different themes and fountains, statues, etc.

We have a couple more vacations outside of Vegas we’re saving for, but in the meantime, a couple days in Vegas each year is just the thing.  We’ve both figured out that if we don’t have some sort of vacation each year that we become overwhelmed with stress.  Vegas is (surprisingly) inexpensive for a vacation, and it’s so close by that we can drive there.

Speaking of driving..  That was an adventure!  The drive down was interesting.  For one, Master Pravus decided he wouldn’t be able to sleep (because he’d be too excited) so he wanted to drive down on Wed.  I, eager to make Master Pravus happy, agreed.  BUT, I wanted to make sure he had enough caffeine.  I’m a good slave, that way.  =^.~=  We went to dinner locally before we left for the big drive, and the drive was 100% in the dark.  I was the queen of the food pile in the back.  The drive itself was roughly twelve hours to get there, and I was the one making sandwiches or passing Master Pravus applesauce packets.

We would stop for piss breaks and I’d rush around making sammiches, pissing, washing my hands, and getting back in the car ASAP.  Our best stop was five minutes, not too shabby!  At one point, about an hour outside Vegas, Master Pravus decided to pull into a Wal-Mart to use the bathroom and try to get some sleep somewhere that was well lit.  I had been tossing and turning all night/day, and I managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep on the drive.  Master Pravus, driving, did not.  Of course, the moment he stops to try to sleep, he’s unable to.  We bought him another five hour energy and we kept going.

Speaking of driving to Vegas…  Arriving there was exciting because we couldn’t check into our hotel until 3PM.  So, we wandered around aimlessly looking in casinos and wishing desperately for a shower and a sleep.  No shower ever felt so good!

Driving home was another thing entirely.  We were both so tired, and Master Pravus had me drive a little bit while it was still light out.  It was rough, but eventually he let me pull over and we bought a small pizza to take with us on the road (rather than to stop and eat it, taking up more time.)  We were lucky on the drive down that the weather was so nice.  On our way home we got stuck in Vail which was having a terrible snowstorm.  The roads were dangerous, and we were slipping a little bit.  It was awful.  We finally made it home (after the sun got all the way up), and crashed until maybe 1PM.  It took us about 14 hours to get home, but we were so happy we had made it.

But, now we’re home from Vegas and it’s depressing getting back to “normal” things.  I’m working on laundry today.  Sigh.  Can it be our next vacation now, please?

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