Temporary Brand, One Week’s Time

drawing lines

I’ve never had a temporary brand done, and so Master Pravus was eager to have me document my first one.  He was even more excited than me.  I mean, I thought maybe a picture every few days or a week would be nice, but he kept getting really excited.

“It’s been six hours!  Let’s get a picture!”

“It’s been twelve hours!”

“We need a picture at the one day mark!”

Lol.  Not that I mind.  I love it when he gets all enthusiastic about things like this.  The brand was done by Dr. Clockwork and we hadn’t done any temporary brands, so we were excited to see how this one would go.  We met up with Dr. Clockwork ahead of time and he told us about the types of designs he could do and how they could be pretty elaborate, which isn’t what I initially thought.  Cool!  So, that picture above is a selfie of me while Master drew the design he wanted on me with ballpoint pen.  Ballpoint pen isn’t ideal (for the record), but we only had about a day to prepare, so it’s what we had on hand.

branding 1

Here’s the shot of the brand as it was being done.  You can see that my uber pale skin was getting red from the sparks singing my skin.  Master Pravus thought I did an especially good job taking the brand.  It was super intense and I loved the feeling.

six hours later

Six hours after the initial brand was done, this picture was taken.  My skin was mostly back to its normal color though it was still red in places (bad hotel lighting makes it hard to see that).  I was also beginning to get raised lines on my skin, where it had been completely flat before.

12 hours later

Here’s a picture at the twelve hour mark.  It was night time in the hotel, so it is even harder to really see the differences, but the skin was turning darker red where the brand was done, and the skin around the brand was back to normal white coloring.  Interestingly, while I had felt mild burning on my back as the brand rubbed up against my dress all day, I had sort of forgotten about the brand by the time this shot was taken.  Yes, I knew it was there, but it wasn’t burning and I couldn’t really feel it on my back anymore.  One hop in the shower reminded me quick!  It felt kind of like a sunburn as the hot shower water hit it.

one day later scabbing starts

This is a shot from the next morning.  I was starting to get some light scabbing all over the brand.  The brand itself was only faintly burning if it rubbed on clothes or I reached just the right way.  One thing about the brand is that, you can’t wear a bra during the scabby phase (since the brand sits where my bra would), or else the brand could wind up looking funny.  I had one shirt that had a built in bra, and aside from that I just went with no bra on the trip.  I felt really humiliated about it at first but am getting used to it now that it’s been over a week.

four days in itchy phase

Here’s a shot on day four:  I had officially hit the itchy phase!  Gah!  The itchy phase isn’t so bad, really, but there are times when I want to tear my skin off (but obviously can’t), and times when the itching feels kind of nice.  Showering is the best right now.  Even just the light water falling on my back feels soo good and helps to scratch the brand a bit (because I can’t do it).


Here’s a close up of what the scabs were looking like day five.  We haven’t been rushing along the healing or anything (by applying lotions or creams) because we like the brand and Master Pravus likes seeing it poke out of my tops, etc.


And, here’s a picture from Sunday after my shower first thing in the morning.  This is exactly one week after the brand was done.  The overall tone of the brand is beginning to even out somewhat.  The biggest problem is that, the scabs from the top half of the brand are starting to drop off, which is fine, but the bottom half doesn’t seem to be coming along at the same rate.  I’m not sure if the top half of the brand just rubs on more things by accident.  For example, when I sleep, the bottom half of the brand is usually firmly laying on the bed, while the top half rubs into sheets and pillows.  It is hard to tell in the pic, but the bits where the scabs dropped off are still a bright (although slightly more faded) red color.

I’m going to take pictures every week, but will probably only post a progress blog about once per month or so, until the brand is totally healed.  Love this brand!  =^^=

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