Why Aren’t You Wearing Any Pants?

Master and me went to see the gyno the other day, because I needed some final tests before we could go ahead and set up the ablation.  This stupid fucking anemia has been a salty pain in my ass for far too long.  I needed to get an ultrasound to make sure that I have nothing underlying, and we decided to go ahead and do a pap smear because I didn’t have that this year yet.  So, I went to the ultrasound and afterwards was taken to the exam room.

In the exam room, the doctor pulls out his computer, shows me the shape and size of my uterus, is showing me that he doesn’t see any endometriosis, polyps, tumors, weird things, cysts, etc.  He tells me about the ablation and asks what kind I want (there’s a few options), and then he looks at me and says:

“Why aren’t you wearing any pants?”

Of course, as he had been hitting me up with silly answers all day (my favorite one being “two years” when I asked how long after the ablation before sex would be safe.  BTW, it’s about two weeks.  Har har.) I decided to be silly and retort:

“I just thought it seemed like fun.  Also, you’re supposed to do my pap smear today.”  Ha ha.

I was surprised to hear that the whole thing will probably be easier than I thought it would be.  But, I’m being cautiously optimistic because I heal slower due to underlying conditions.  That’s okay though, as long as this fixes the anemia (it should).  I’m just tired of having no energy and getting incredibly sick all the time.  Caffeine only does so much to combat the anemia, it’s really not a great solution.  Master asked the doctor how long it should be before we get the ablation, and the doctor said it could be as early as next week.  It’s hard though, because I need to wait for them to call and schedule it with me.  But, I’m being patient and waiting.  As patient as I can be, anyway.

Vegas seemed to use up a lot of the reserves I had in stock, not to mention by the fourth day on vacation (and we were gone for six) it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to do the things I wanted without crashing.  Right before we left for Vegas Master had me not doing my usual chore list.  I am not on a rest restriction, which means I am not allowed to do any chores, but rather, I was told to just do what I felt I could and not push myself too hard to get a list done.  Since we’ve come home, I cannot catch up on sleep.  Worse, when I wake up in the morning, it takes me forever to get out of bed and get in the shower.  On the weekends Master will even sometimes bring me up a snack and some caffeine to try to help me get up and moving.  This is just not me.  I’m like a Mexican Jumping Bean!  I’m usually so full of energy and I can’t wait to have all this crap behind me.

Today, actually, Master was checking in with me, and he asked me how I was.  I told him and he told me to just rest and not worry about doing anything.  He didn’t say I couldn’t do anything, (and yes, he does sometimes tell me to absolutely just rest and not do any chores) and so I have been trying.  It’s 3:30 PM as I type this, and I literally have unloaded and reloaded the washer, made myself a sandwich, and unloaded and loaded the dishes.  That is pretty pathetic.

So, right now I have no idea when the ablation will be.  I know it will be soon, but I don’t know exactly when.  There’s also a test I have coming up (not quite surgery as they are not cutting me or anything like that) requiring anesthesia coming up in a couple of weeks, so this is a busy month for me medically.  I hate all this crap, but I have high hopes that going into April I will start to be a bit more like my usual self.  Things are just especially hard now because I just started my period, so, that’s going to make the anemia worse.  With any luck though this will be my last period ever!  (I hope!)

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