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Master has a fucking huge fucking boner for fucking tits.  And fucking tits.  He’s a breast man, for sure!  I’ve got pretty big titties for my frame, and that might have been the first thing that attracted him to me, I can’t say for sure though.  For a long time, Master has been telling me about how he wanted me to get a shelf bra

A few years ago, I wound up getting one and he loved it, of course.  I still have that same one, and we use it for playtime now and again, but we don’t want to wear it out so it tends to come out for special occasions only.  It’s pretty well made, and I wear it around the house sometimes, but it wouldn’t hold up if I wanted to use it in place of a normal bra or for going braless in public.

I bring this up, because I obviously have to go braless while my temporary brand heals.  I have my own personal feelings on going braless in public.  My feelings are that I don’t like it, and I don’t really like when women do it either.  Don’t misunderstand me, women have a right to go braless in public. 

They also have a right to wear socks with sandals, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Most people I talk to about this tell me that the most offensive thing to them is seeing other women’s nipples.  I got news for you, Honey – you’re going to see my nipples whether you like it or not.  All bras except for extremely padded ones will let you see my nipples in cold temperatures.  That’s just the way of it.  What bothers me about women who aren’t wearing bras in public is that, well, they’re not properly dressed!  That is the most ridiculous thing in the entire world, but it’s how I feel. 

Somehow, not wearing panties seems okay to me, but not wearing a bra (even if you’re an A cup) just seems wrong.  I don’t know, I’m just built backwards I guess.  I’m not judging you if I see you in public with no bra, it’s just that’s my personal preference.  I’ll still be friends with you at the end of the day and I won’t even point it out to you because I know it’s not my business.  And likewise- if you come over to my house wearing socks with your sandals I’m not going to say anything either.  Your personal sense of style is your personal sense of style.  My preference for something doesn’t mean I have to say a thing.  I can keep my mouth shut, not look- or any number of things.  

To give you some history on me and bra wearing, I grew up wearing them even to bed.  I would wear bras with underwire to bed, too.  My Mom never had me measured for a bra growing up, and she just started me off with a 40C, which was way too big.  I had no idea bras weren’t supposed to fit you that loosely until I had a bra fitting done for the first time when I was about eighteen or nineteen. 

If you’ve never been measured for a bra, I highly recommend it!  It’s really important to make sure that you’re wearing the right size bra, or it will be uncomfortable and won’t support you as well.  (Plus, it can make for some funky shaping problems with your clothes.)  Wearing too small a bra is bad, wearing too big a bra is bad.  Measuring will help you get that perfect fit, and you can get it done for free in many lingerie stores.  I get measured for a bra once per year or so or whenever I plan to buy a bunch of bras.  I know what feels comfortable, but every company is different, and sometimes your body changes without you noticing it.

Right, tangent.  Sorry.  Anyway, I was wearing a bra constantly, and it wasn’t until I met Master Pravus that he wanted me to not wear one to bed, or even just around the house.  My nipples are really sensitive and I didn’t like the feeling of them even bare against a shirt.  I did go without a bra, but it was really difficult and I had to hug a pillow to my chest because I roll around a lot when I sleep and would wake up constantly with sore nipples.  Of course, they probably just needed a bit of “roughing up” because they are fine now. 

I happily wear no bra in the house, which makes Master happy, and I don’t wear one to bed either, which also makes him happy.  Though, I still don’t really feel comfortable with going braless in public.  I’m even vaguely uncomfortable braless on the porch while Master smokes because I just feel that’s technically out in public. After all, strangers can walk by!  Not that I would go against my Master’s wishes.  If he wants me outside braless, I go outside braless.

Going braless all the time has never really been something that my Master considered doing with me before.  He’s always been fine with it at home, but never even asked me to go braless in public.  Having the brand has meant that for the past week and a half or so I have had no choice, and he’s liking it a lot. 

First off, I’m a D cup, and I wiggle and jiggle a lot if I don’t have a bra on.  At first this was really humiliating, and depending on the type of clothing I’m wearing, it still can be.  I’ll get over it with time though, if Master decides to keep moving in this direction, even after the brand heals.  He’s even going so far as looking into buying a few sturdier shelf bras, so that I have at least a little support and I’ll have better shape with the clothes I’m wearing.  Kind, isn’t he?

Not wearing a bra is actually really good for you.  Many people think that wearing a bra will prevent your tits from sagging later in life, but actually, it just weakens the tissues holding your tits up so that you’re more likely to experience sagging.  There are actually many studies on it, and I remember us talking about it in massage class too.  Of course, your genetics and cup size play a huge role too.  Not having straps binding into your shoulders is good for your circulation, too.  I don’t let it keep me up at night, though.  Like I said I wear a bra in public, but not at home most of the time, and I don’t have particularly saggy tits.  I’m also pretty young though.  Even without a bra you never know how you’ll be in ten years.

I don’t really know where this is going.  Master just wanted me to write about this, so I of course, am.  I have had mixed feelings about my braless tits over the last week and a half.  One of them is the shape issue with certain clothes (but if Master buys me some shelf bras, that won’t matter).  And, you’d see my nipples even without a bra, so I don’t care too much about that either. 

When I get near my period, my nipples ache and are so sensitive.  As I just started my period I’m noticing all the little things brush over them and I hate that sensation.  A lot.  I’ve continued being good though.  It’s just one downside.  I also feel uncomfortable because my tits are super jiggly and I’m worried I will attract the wrong attention.  If we lived in a nudist colony I wouldn’t really care though.

Hmmm.  Nudist colony actually sounds like a decent idea.

2 thoughts on “Ramblings On Going Braless In Public

  1. I know we’ve had a quick chat about this before but I thought I’d comment here too 🙂
    My bra-less thoughts are as follows: nipples! I have zero problem seeing other peoples’ nipples through clothes, but if I notice my own nipples showing I freak out! I guess I’m scared of, as you say, the wrong type of attention.
    My breasts are pretty perky still and quite small so that’s not really an issue, but the nipples, definitely an issue!
    I think a lot of it for me is the judgement of society though, if I moved to a nudist colony I think it would be *much* easier, I guess for me it comes down to where I feel the line is of forcing my kink onto other people, and I think that’s what makes it an issue for me.
    I have no idea if any of that made sense, but I wish I was there to hold your hand or whatever you needed to make you feel more confident about it.

    1. @Persephone I have been taping my nipple when we go out so that it’s less of an issue for me. Lol. But, they still show through tape, it’s just less obvious, you know? I can understand when you say you’re worried about forcing your kink on other people. I have had that thought too, but, many women go without bras for non-kink reasons, so I don’t feel it’s like wearing a leash in public, you know? But you gotta decide where the line is for you, for sure.

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