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When I was 10, up until I was about 17 or 18, I used to go to BINGO every single week.  I loved it.  I know it sounds silly, and it’s one of those things that looks so boring from the outside, but BINGO is exciting to me.  I like to get to the BINGO hall early, pick my table, tape my cards together, set the proper patterns up on my cards with highlighter, put the daubers out, get my drink and or snacks ready, put my lucky pig and Hello Kitty charms out, and wait.

It’s not all about the winning.  I mean, sure, winning is fun!  Who doesn’t want to win?  I just mean that I don’t have to win in order to have had a fun night out!  I like the “squish” noise that the dauber makes when you plop it down on the paper.  I love waiting for those last three..  Two..  ONE number!  I like making fun shapes on the BINGO sheet.  I like watching Master Pravus’ cards (or a friend’s cards) if they need to run to the bathroom just to prove I can follow that many cards!  Okay, maybe you have to be there, and I do admit it is a lot more fun to play than to watch.

Bingo Selfie

Generally, I would play BINGO once a year or so.  Before moving to Colorado, I would play at Mohegan Sun (I think) with Mom once a year.  She loves casinos. I mean, really, really loves casinos.  There was also BINGO at my parent’s campground they used to go to in the summer.  They sold the spot they had in that campground though because my Dad is too sick to bring there all the time.  Still, that’s where I did the majority of my BINGO-ing growing up.

We didn’t get to go to BINGO this year in Vegas, so last week Master decided to see if there were any local BINGO halls around that we could go to and get our BINGO fix.  There actually happens to be a hall about a ten minute drive from us.  All of the money goes to Charity, and it’s very, very inexpensive to join in.  We went down and we loved it! 

We even went back again.  We talked about it, and we think it would be fun to go back maybe once a week (schedules permitting).  Master Pravus’ won once since we found this BINGO hall, and he has seemed to be the lucky one now.  When I was a kid, I would really clean up at BINGO.  Master Pravus says I probably peaked early.  Ha ha.  I don’t care who wins though, he gets the money either way.  Ha ha.

Actually, the last time we went, I leaned over to see a video Master Pravus was watching on his phone.  (He invited me to look, I’m no phone snoop!)  An old lady came by, and she looked at us and said:

“Someone’s taking selfies!”

And, the funny part was that we really weren’t, but then it made us want to, and we did take a selfie.  LOL.  Master Pravus has it on his phone though, so you’ll have to ask him if you want to see it.  =^.~=

6 thoughts on “BINGO

    1. @Treasure No, we didn’t talk about BINGO! 😀 I didn’t know you loved BINGO. This place near us is awesome. And, it’s $10 to get in and $1 per pack of cards. Cheaper than a movie! It’s hard to resist the BINGO-y goodness. Lol.

  1. oh bless, you sound so excited in this post it’s lovely 🙂 I tried Bingo once and totally sucked at it! lol! I couldn’t keep up with my cards and the numbers and people trying to talk to me! Oh it was all a big mess! Maybe next time I’ll just go and chat!

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