The Leprechauns Tricked Me

“Master!  The leprechauns didn’t come!”

“Did you leave anything out for them?”


“You forgot, huh?”


“You’re lucky they didn’t play any tricks on you!”

“But, they did!  I woke up and instead of being in my arms, ZeeBee was on your side of the bed and he was tucked in comfy and I was cold because there was no one to snuggle.”

“You’re lucky that’s all they did.”

And I moped somewhat because I had completely forgotten to leave anything out for the leprechauns.  Master Pravus had his St. Patrick’s Day dinner the day before, and I had a rough time with the anemia so I wasn’t quite well at bed time.  It was completely and utterly my fault and I accepted that.  Still, it was fun seeing the mess the leprechauns made the last couple years, and getting a present was nice too.  I didn’t mope for too long though, just a little bit.  Master Pravus had to work St. Patrick’s Day which meant I had things to do.

So, I ran around trying to take care of this and that.  I did three loads of dishes, folded some laundry, worked on some sewing.  You know, all the stuff I typically do in a day.  Master Pravus came home and we had dinner and were snuggling up on the couch because I wasn’t feeling too well.  Master Pravus had to get up for some reason (I don’t remember what) and he said:

“Kitty, where did you look for the leprechauns?”

“Down in the front room.”

“But..  Where?  Did you look where leprechauns like to hide?”

“Where do leprechauns like to hide?”

“In dark spaces.  Hey look!  It looks like they got into the box of cat toys!”

He brought the box over to me (As I said, I wasn’t really doing well.  I couldn’t sit up well or anything.) and I started rifling through it to find the “treats”.

“BOBBINS!  This isn’t a treat!  It’s something I need for work!”  I had a silly tone in my voice.  I was grateful for the bobbins (I had been running low), but it didn’t seem like a leprechaun present.

I fished around some more and I found a pair of short thread snips.  They were so pretty and super sharp and something I’d been needing for a long time.  I have been using my big heavy fabric cutting scissors to cut thread with, but that’s awful on my wrists so I have been dreaming about a small little pair of snips.  I was excited, but, the leprechauns had brought me only work related stuff!  Next year I’m going to remember to go ahead and put stuff out.  Maybe I’ll set an alarm!

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