Few Days Off

I’m completely, totally fine.  Let me just say that again: I’m totally fine, don’t worry you guys. =^.~=

But, the other day I woke up with a stiff neck from sleeping on it wrong.  No biggie, I wasn’t too worried about it.  My neck sucks a lot of the time.  Later in the day my friend sent me a video and I couldn’t stop laughing.  In fact I laughed so hard that I subluxed a bunch of bones in my neck and my shoulder, elbow, and wrist on that side just feels wrong.  >.<  MasterPravus took me to the chiropractor to jigger some of it back in and if it isn’t better by Monday we`re going back in.

I’m a little better but my arm\shoulder on the side where I subluxed my shoulder neck and wrist is completely unhappy.  I am having trouble driving in a car and using my left arm for things including typing.  I’m actually typing this with one finger (on my right arm) on my phone.  I should be back in one or two days, I’m fine, just not moving around all that well.

See, hypermobility is all fun and games when I’m teabagging your ballsack, but no one sees the lame side unless you do a post like this now and then.

Mew! (Repeat: I’m fine and will return soon!)

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