Neck Sublux Update

Hey guys.  My neck is still recovering.  Yesterday was the first day since I injured my neck that I managed to keep the bones in place and not sublux anything.  My neck still needs time to “gel” though so Master Pravus has me not worrying about blogging for now.

I will respond to email and continue this blog as soon as I am able.  For now I just wanted to post a short little one finger update from my phone.

::mew:: =^^=

4 thoughts on “Neck Sublux Update

  1. first this humble house slave wants Master Pravus and kitty to know that she loves your blog. she also hopes all is well with Master Pravus and kitty. she is glad to hear that your neck is feeling a little bit better and that your vacation was fun. this slaves Master Robert is planing a special trip for us some where but shes not allowed to know where. Master Robert wants it to be a surprise. oh Master Robert also said that if this slave is a good girl she will be allowed to get a pair of your kitty ears and tail for halloween this year. as a reward Master Robert will be starting her kittygirl training which this house slave is excited for! Master Robert says that this slave has to go for now. have a good day/night!

    1. @House Slave Jessie Awww your comment totally made my day! I really hope you and Master Robert have a great time on your surprise vacation, and I’m really excited for you that you will get to do some kitty training soon as a reward. <3 Mew!

  2. I hope you feel better soon kitty! I will miss reading your blog while you are away resting but I would rather you rest and get better soon! Lots of hugs.

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