I know it might seem dramatic, but I was starting to worry for a little bit that I would not get better.  The thing is, as an adult I have yet to have an injury fully heal.  I have always done what the doctor recommended and rested up, but nothing ever heals properly due to my medical conditions.  Well, it really helps to have a doctor who knows what the fuck he is doing.  I had to go in twice or three times a week over the last couple of weeks, but my neck is feeling even better than it did before I injured it.  Thank you nameless Dr. Chiro!  (I don’t call people out on my adult blog.  Come on now, people.) 

I was so thrilled with the fact that my neck shoulder and arm are doing so awesomely that I even went ahead and made him cookies.  Okay, okay.  I know that it seems lame to make someone cookies but that’s how I operate.  Maintenance actually fixes something?  I make cookies.  Neighbor helps out in some way?  Cookies.  Dentist doesn’t kill me?  Cookies.  Friend is sad?  Cookies.  It’s just how my little Domesti-kitty brain works.  You do me a solid, I slave over a hot oven for you, and I know that everyone likes cookies.  (Though, if I know you well enough to know what you like I take requests too! ::Giggle::)

The weekend was not what Master Pravus or me were hoping it would be.  I mean, it started off okay.  I had a dental appointment on Saturday morning though.  This was just a six month checkup, so neither of us was really worried going into it.  Everything sucked though.  For starters, I somehow had an appointment with someone who was not my dentist.  I did not know who this she-dentist impostor was, but she was not the dentist that I trusted and who I knew would not hurt me.  Master Pravus was a bit upset about this too, and he was taken aback when she demanded he leave the room for my fillings.  Yeah, fillings. 

It wound up being that I had two fillings that needed tending, one was rather small and the other one was huge so we had to do an inlay.  This new dentist wasn’t as good as getting me numb as my usual guy.  I mean, she did get me numb, but she had to use four injections whereas my normal guy can do it in one injection.  I think he just has better technique.  Anyway, what wound up happening is that the dentist left me alone with her assistant and let the assistant put in my inlay and do my filling.  I was outraged but I had already been numbed and drilled so there wasn’t really anything else I could do but lay there in the chair.  Master Pavus never would have allowed that, but he had been kicked out (which has also never happened before.)

I went home, and I was still kind of numb.  We were sitting down to lunch when I realized that I couldn’t chew anything at all on the left side of my mouth (where my fillings were).  We called the dentist because I have had a MILLION fillings, and I know damn well what they are supposed to feel like.  Well, of course the dentist gets on the phone and she tells us I am just sensitive and I will be fine in five days.  That night I tried to brush my teeth and I was in agony.  I screamed out loud.  This was not normal.  Of course, by then the dentist office was closed and I had to wait until Monday.

We get in Monday to see my usual dentist who figured out that the assistant had not completely sealed up the tooth and so of course a nerve was exposed.  Damnit.  Fuckers.  GRR!  Worst of all is that apparently in the state of Colorado assistants are now completely allowed to do everything but injections and drilling.  Oh no.  I ain’t having that and neither is Master Pravus.  If there’s no discount for letting an assistant do work on me, then no way in Hell is that ever happening again. 

We even refuse to see physician’s assistants.  I mean, don’t get us wrong, physician’s assistants are smart and all, but if there’s no discount to see someone with less training, then we’re going to see the doctor.  The big issue is that I have a lot of medical conditions and I don’t want anyone who is inexperienced playing around with my organs, bones, or joints.  Thank you very much.  Master agrees 1,000%.

Aside from dental drama (not being able to eat all weekend) we had an overall okay time.  Things would have obviously been better if I could have eaten and therefore had more energy, but I got by on smoothies.  We managed to go on a few short hikes, and we even got to go for a short Zoo trip.  When we went to the Zoo, we went over to the vulture section, and we were looking at the vulture when a Zoo Volunteer approached us.  She was telling us that she had been in Asia and asked us if we wanted to go and see her pictures.  YES WE WANT TO GO AND SEE YOUR PICTURES!!

So, she let us go out into the secret “volunteer” part of the Zoo, and we got to see the animal hospital (which is so cute!), and her pictures, and even a gibbon who was in quarantine.  The hospital was pretty good because there were only two birds in it.  I mean, an empty hospital is a sign of some well kept animals, I would say.  =^^=  It was so cool going behind the scenes and even cooler seeing the Lappet-faced Vulture pictures.  🙂  Vultures are MasterPavus’ favorite birds.

I have so much I want to blog about, and now that my neck is feeling like new I have a lot to catch up on!



8 thoughts on “I’M BETTER! :D

    1. Thanks @Nagadikandang I have SO many dental horror stories worse than that one. I mean, that was more of a mishap. >.< But, I’m just glad it’s behind me. At least next weekend will rock because no dentist.

      ::Wiggles neck:: Yep. Having a working neck rocks pretty much a lot too. <3

  1. I can relate to dentist horror stories. They didn’t check my fillings from when I was a kid (no one even bothered to ask till I switched to another dentist). Took them a year (by the time we sorted out health insurance) to fix everything because my previous dentist was too lazy. Then that dentist decided to retire 🙁 We should have a Dental horror story camp fire hehe. Glad your feeling better Kitty!

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