Thoughts On Going Braless, Part 2

So, as I mentioned in a previous post I had mixed feeling on going braless.  Since I had that temporary brand done though, I had to go braless anyway so I had to suck it up and deal with it for the most part.  Being uncomfortable in public for a little bit is a lot better than screwing up a mark that will be on my back for months.  Well, the mark is still doing pretty awesome, and I’ll be posting progress pictures soon.  =^^=  But that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about going braless.

As of a few weeks ago I was able to start wearing a bra, and Master Pravus had a talk with me about it.  He told me that, right now, he’s not going to make me go braless in public, even though he does like seeing my nipples.  He told me that if he does start imposing a “no bra” rule in public he is going to still let me wear one to doctor’s appointments and probably special occasions (like weddings, etc).  But he also said that he wouldn’t impose such rules until he was able to buy me several shelf bras. 

When we talk about shelf bras, we’re talking about this kind which is basically a wire with no “cup”.  So, technically I would still be wearing a bra, sort of.  But, there would be nothing over my nipples (which is what Master cares about anyway, and also it would help me maintain shape in my clothes etc.  I liked the idea of this a lot, but, if Master changes his mind and decides to have me go braless in public without shelf bras, then I would obviously obey him.

An image with me wearing a shelf bra, during play

Oddly enough, even without being asked or told to lately, I have been opting for a bra less and less.  I never wear one at home anymore (unless Master has picked out some special lingerie that includes a bra or something), and if we’re going outside for a walk, I will often go braless rather than wear a bra with a bone or a sports bra.  Of course, I will wear a sweatshirt or something over it, and I’d never do that for a jog or anything else high impact, but a leisurely stroll in the evenings with Master?  Sure, no problem. 

It’s just so odd because a few short weeks ago I was dead set against having to leave the house with no bra even though it was a necessity.  I felt uncomfortable and ugly without one.  Now?  Meh.  I’m cool with it.  Sometimes it really just takes a couple of weeks of doing something and pushing through it to become comfortable with it.  This was definitely one of those times.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Going Braless, Part 2

    1. @Goreycat Yeah 99% of my bras are unpadded BUT my nipples show through on padded bras too unless they are super thick. Though, Master really likes nipples a lot so the less fabric showing (like with the shelf bra) the “sharper” the nipple looks. 🙂

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