What Is Love?

*****This is a post that I wrote when I had injured my neck.  I was not allowed to type, so I took out a pen and a piece of paper because I needed to get this out of my head.  Luckily, the injured shoulder was my left, so I was able to pen this out with my right, slowly.*****

When I first met Master Pravus, he told me that food was love.  Scoffing at the idea I remembered telling him that made no sense.  Food could not be love.  Food was fuel.  Food could be a thing of pleasure, but it was not a vehicle for love.  We agreed to disagree.

Master Pravus’ friends seemed to believe similar.  If I was ever depressed when Master Pravus wasn’t around (there was almost always someone else there if Master Pravus was not) they would offer me some type of food: cheese and crackers, truffles, something.  I did not understand why they would do this.  This was a foreign concept to me.  I was upset, I didn’t want to eat!  I would always turn them down, politely.  Growing up as a child I could have a fever of 103* and my Mom would tell me to get my own damned tea.  I did not think this was abnormal.

Mom: “Hmm, you have a high fever. Maybe you should make yourself a cup of tea…”

A year or two after I received my training collar, one of Master Pravus best friends (I’ll call him P) moved in with him.  I was very different from him: I didn’t drink, smoke, or stay up late.  I assumed I was a nuisance to him and so I tried to stay out of his way for the most part.  I will say though, for the record, that he was very fun at parties.

P taught me many life lessons, but this might be the most important one he ever taught me.  One day, something catastrophic (that I will not go into) happened to me.  It was huge.  This is the type of thing that turns your entire world upside down.  I am not one to cry for no reason, but I instantly burst into tears.  I picked up my backpack and was about to do the only thing I did at the time when tears surfaced:  I was going to run.  I lived a two hour train ride away from Master Pravus at that point and I was just going to go home and cry where no one could see me lose my composure.

P saw that something was seriously wrong and he told me firmly to “Get back here!”  Being obedient (even when it was around a friend and not someone I was submissive to) I stopped dead in my tracks.  P took my backpack off me, took me by the hand, and lead me into the kitchen.  He put me in a chair and told me to sit.  He went to the pantry and got me some chocolate.  He put on a cup of tea and when it was done brewing he poured it for me.  He spoke soothing words while I cried silent, slow tears that I could not hold back into my tea.  Then, he told me to sit there while he called Master Pravus.  I have no idea what he told Master Pravus (he was not in the same room as me for the phone call), but Master Pravus came home from work early.  Shit!

Up until that day, nothing had ever happened to me that had been that Earth-shattering.  As I never had anything so devastating happen, I had really no idea what you were supposed to do.  This was the first time I recall crying in front of a friend.  I could not help it and the flood gates just broke.  Serious crying.  Tears, snot, the shakes, and ruined contact lenses.  We’re talking the works.

What did I learn from P that day?  Love is not, indeed, about food.  Love is about gestures.  Love is about caring about someone so much that you are willing and able to see them at their most vulnerable and ugly.

Love means doing things that are uncomfortable for you, to make someone else comfortable.

Love means giving up something you need so that someone else can have something they need.

Love means helping you tape a joint

Or put on shoes

Or get into your bathing suit.

Love means kneeling before someone with your arm in a sling and letting them use your free hand as an ash tray.

Love is hanging your head off the bed for a skullfucking when you can’t hold your head up by yourself.

Love means that, even if your slave is completely broken and worthless for a while that you find a way to make her less worthless.

Love means never giving up.

I tried to tell Master Pravus the other day how useless and burdensome I feel to him when I get hurt.  I told him I have so much guilt over how much I get injured, even though I know I can’t help it.

“What if the situation was reversed?  Would you leave me if I was injured?!”

“Of course not, but that’s totally different!”

“We are a team!  How would it be any different?”

“Because if you were sick I could still be serving you much more than I am right now.”

There was silence, because he finally and completely understood why I get so depressed each time I get injured.  It was one of the most real moments of my entire life.  One sentence spoke so very much and we both understood each other on a deep level.

“If my choice was to have you broken like you are, or to have a slave who never gets hurt and could serve me more often than you do when you’re injured, I would still want YOU.”

There was more silence.  I have been struggling so much lately with my illnesses.  I know I am disabled as I can barely work and I used to be constantly working when Master Pravus was not home.  Over time, I have had to work less and less and it has slowly slipped away from me without really realizing it at first.  I’m not giving up on any part of my life: work, play, being Master Pravus’ slave, but I have been really struggling to accept the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  It is hard to believe I will never get better and that it will never completely go away.  I know I need to though.  And Master Pravus, in one fell swoop, with one more profound sentence showed me something so important.  This, I’ve finally come to understand, is what love means.  Thank you P for teaching me, and for Master Pravus for always, always driving it home.

6 thoughts on “What Is Love?

  1. Wow… Peace and Blessings to you and your Master. I’m sorry to hear about the syndrome. I came from watching your vids on youtube, wondering why you stopped posting. i think I understand more now… I loved your videos and I will keep hold of your site. I can relate to you some because I’m a novice kitty girl who also has health conditions. Take care and thank you for staying online. You are an inspiration. 🙂

    1. Thanks @Kita. My main issue with YouTube was that I had to hide bits of myself because there are a lot of under 18’s on there. I just feel more comfortable posting in my blog. 🙂 I’m really glad that you like my blog though. Thanks for being sweet. <3

  2. Oh my goodness, I am crying.
    I have EDS too, as do my Husband’s and my kids and we suspect it runs in HiS family too. There are times when all five of us (Hubby, me, our three kids) are all down at the same time, especially when the weather is affecting us. And there are times when I feel SO USELESS.
    Wanna know how I found you? I started searching for BDSM and EDS. And found you… and there you were, in your bed with your ankle restraints and your Zebra print. And it gave me hope. 🙂

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