5 Wheel Pinwheel

Master and me are quite big fans of metal equipment and restraints, so we were pretty excited to run across sexandmetal online.  They have many gorgeous and fabulously made pieces of metal gear!  Master and me have been enjoying our Wartenburg Pinwheel quite a bit, but we have also been eyeing some of the awesome BDSM pinwheels that sexandmetal has listed.  I put most of them on my wishlist, and I was very excited when they sent me the five wheel pinwheel to review!

Five Wheel Pinwheel

Having never received any package from sexandmetal until now, I am happy to report that my item was well packaged in a plain box with no indication as to what was inside it.  Thank you all for being so discreet!  The wheel was wrapped in bubble wrap which did serve to keep the wheel from puncturing its way through the box, and boy is that a good thing because just like my other Wartenburg wheel, this thing is sharp!

We were excited to use the wheel right away, but it had to wait a bit as it arrived right before our vacation.  As soon as we were back, we put this near the bed so that we could use it as soon as possible.  I found the weight of the wheel to be quite noticeable, with my weak and small wrists, but Master Pravus had no problems with it at all.  His big hands also had no problem with the seven inch handle.

How should you use your pinwheel?  That’s really up to you!  The spikes on it are quite sharp and could cut skin, but you would definitely need to apply force in the wrong direction to make it do that.  Just pressing down (unless your partner has paper thin skin) is going to possibly leave you with a bunch of little dots, but it won’t draw blood.  This is coming from someone with incredibly fragile skin, too.  So, most of you should be okay.


The five wheel pinwheel functions best as a teaser.  You can use it for warm up, running the wheels over sensitive areas.  Find out which areas are more sensitive for your partner and which ones they notice it less on.  Master and me like to play a game where I must stay still when he runs it across my skin, no matter how sharp or ticklish it is (and where you use it will vary the sensations greatly).  It is also quite fun to run over skin that has been sensitized by a spanking, other impact play, or even wax play.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you’ve used a single wheel Wartenburg Wheel before and enjoyed it a lot, the five wheel pinwheel is still awesome, but it is slightly less intense because the sensation is covering a wider area.  The surface tension of your skin will definitely make less wheels feel more intense, while several wheels in a row (like this one!) will feel a little less intense. (Though this is still an intense experience!).

Cleaning this toy can be done with soap and water, but since it is metal you will need to make sure that you let this dry very well before you put it away, and if you draw blood I would personally not share this toy because it has a lot of difficult to clean nooks and crannies.  We keep our pinwheel between people we are fluid bonded with only, personally.

Storing the Five Wheel Pinwheel will be more difficult than it looks because you really can’t just throw it in a bag and go.  This is a sharp instrument and it will pull thread on any fabric it is wrapped in (I have tried many), and it could possibly puncture a silicone dildo.  I don’t keep my silicone toys near my pinwheel, I just keep this on the bottom of my side table where I sleep.  That way this doesn’t get caught on anything or hurt any toys I really like.

Do I like my pinwheel?  Yes.  It is very fun to use, nice and sharp, and the toy arrived quickly and well packaged.  Master Pravus and me are having a lot of fun with our pinwheel and we don’t see that ending any time soon.  We’re giving it five paws:

5 paw

Thank you so much, Sex and Metal, for allowing me the chance to review the five wheel pinwheel in exchange for an honest and fair review!

NOTESex and metal does not appear to sell sex toys anymore, and clicking any of the above links to their website will now bring you to their live webcam chat site, which seems to be what they’re now offering.  The review is staying live, however, because I did still receive a five wheel pinwheel from these fine folks and the five wheel pinwheel I received tested out exactly as I described it above.  To get pinwheel that is very similar to the one that I described (but not the exact one!), please go ahead and click on this (AFF) link.

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