I was in the middle of writing blog posts the other day, when Master decided he wanted me to write a blog post about what I think he’ll do with that Machete he bought at  Sin in the City  this year.  Ok, Master.  Imaginationland post it is!

Well, I remember seeing Master Pravus looking over the knives when we were in the vendor area at Sin, and I was seeing a lot of very pretty things there.  I was somewhat startled when he picked up the machete, not because I was worried that he was going to use it on me, (I like blood play), but it did seem a bit unwieldy, you know?  It is a large tool, and I was further reminded of its length throughout the morning, because he had me carry it around the convention (it was in a box, you couldn’t tell what it was) until there was a break in classes and we could go to our room to stow it.

I’m sure he is planning to cut me with it in some manner, but in what manner, I don’t know.  It isn’t possible to do intricate designs with it, like it is with a scalpel.  I wonder if he intends to sharpen it and then use it to draw straight lines across my ass or back?  Possibly thighs?  It is a heavy tool, so I also wonder if he will use it like a paddle.  I could see him using it as paddle after he has cut my ass with it or with something else.  I could imagine the sharp steel blades pinching into my ass as it impacts with it.  I can imagine the look in his eyes as I squeal with delight, blood dripping, and ass stinging joyously.

Maybe he will just use it to frighten me.  The sight of the stun gun frightens me far more than its bite (I’m still scared of the sound it makes), and the size of the machete frightens me because he has never used anything so large on me, as far as a blade is concerned.

I don’t know what you’re going to use it for, Master, but those are my best guesses!  Oh, wait.  Tarzan roleplay?  Me Jane?  We’ve done weirder shit than that before!  Whatever you’re going to use it for, I’m ready!  =^^=

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