Incoming MIL!

Remember this post that I wrote shortly before that really bad neck injury?  Well, that’s the way things are right now.  I mean, yes, I am so much better than I was for a few weeks there, because my neck has been taken care of.  I can type and all that again.  But, things are back to the way they were before: zero energy.  I mean, I am swinging my sword over here, but the anemia feels like this losing battle. 

Master Pravus just keeps reminding me that my ablation is next month and that things will start to get easier after that.  I know he is right, and I know that isn’t that long, but it just feels like it’s that long, you know?  There have been days where I am almost incapable of even getting out of bed, let alone getting up to the shower or preparing myself food.  It’s hard but I know it won’t be forever.  I just need to get through this little bit.  

We had a pretty good weekend together.  Master’s Mom is coming to visit this week.  She’ll be here on Wed, and she’s not leaving until the following Tuesday.  I have a few worries about the whole thing.  I mean, I get along well with his Mom, and it’s nothing like that.  It’s just that I am going to have to spend one or two days alone with her, and she wants to do things around town. 

I’m really just worried because right now I am unable to stand for more than one or two hours at a time and I won’t even have the luxury of a car because Master Pravus will have to bring the car to work with him.  He said he’ll talk to his Mom about how I’m really not well enough to travel alone with her.  (I know she will be there, but she is not much stronger than me.)  It’s kind of pathetic when you’re worried about keeping up with a woman who is in her late sixties, who is mostly bionic (so many artificial joints), but there you go.  I am sure that once Master Pravus is around things will be fine.  He even points out that if I need to stay at home here and there instead of traveling around town with them it’s okay, so we’ll just see.

We were able to get some good play time in over the weekend, which was nice.  I got a spanking on Friday which felt so good.  I do not normally mark on my ass, but I wound up with some pretty bruises there.  I was sprawled out on the bed yesterday and Master Pravus told me I had marks, so this morning before I got into the shower I checked and they were still there.  It always makes me smile seeing marks the next day.  I almost wish these weren’t on my ass, because I have to look for them in the mirror in order to see them.  Now inner thighs?  Those you see every time you’re in the bathroom.  Mmmmm.  Not that I’m complaining, just a general observation.

So mostly, the weekend was spent cleaning the house.  It wasn’t a complete wreck or anything, but you know, with your Mother-in-Law coming, you kind of want things to be a little better than they normally are.  She’s actually staying in a hotel because she can’t go up and down stairs and she’s worried because our house has a ton of stairs.  I don’t blame her, we do have a ton of stairs.

Over the weekend, Master told me that until I am recovered from the operation in May, he’s not expecting me to do a blog post every day.  I’m still supposed to maintain this blog to the best of my ability but he wants me to worry more about taking care of myself until I am feeling a lot better.  So, on good days there will be blogs and on days where I have little to no energy, there will be less blogs, but I will still keep blogging.  I just need to get this anemia thing under control.

2 thoughts on “Incoming MIL!

  1. I know how you feel with all the medical dramas but I hope once you have the surgery you will feel better! I spent 2 weeks with my Mother in-law in Italy (she is American, I’m Australian) so we kinda meet in the middle. Of course I meet her before but we spent most of the 2 weeks alone together. I got sick for part of the trip, once I explained that I was sick she understood. So don’t worry I am sure your Mother in-law will understand. Lots of hugs!

    1. @MomoNoHanna Thanks Hon. I am soo hoping this surgery goes well. I’m sort of nervous about it because I don’t make quality scar tissue, so the procedure may not work out, but I really, really hope it does. Your MIL sounds sweet. 🙂 I am glad you guys had a good visit.

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