Low Potassium Is No Joke


I can’t get a break.  Wednesday night I had a doctor’s appointment.  We were driving along on the highway when the car in front of us slammed on its brakes.  Master Pravus had no choice but to slam on his brakes too, and we stopped within a fraction of an inch from the car in front of us, so, no damage was done to either car.  (WHEW!)  Unfortunately, instead of tightening down on me, like a seat belt is supposed to do, the damned thing let me fly quite a bit far forward in my seat until my neck was putting a ton of pressure on the belt.  It is hard to describe but my arm, neck and shoulder were all kind of sore.  Like I said though, kind of sore, so I didn’t think anything of it.  I went to my appointment, went home, and whatever.

The next day I started to get really sick.  My vision started to darken and at first I figured I was just going to faint.  I didn’t faint though.  I was conscious but with a huge big blob in front of my vision.  I lost my ability to speak.  The words I said came out wrong.  For example, I would think I was saying “house” and it would come out as “chicken”.  It was scary and bizarre, and as I was getting worse Master Pravus decided to rush me to the ER.  At the ER they figured out I had low potassium, which was giving me a slew of bizarre symptoms like: numbness, vision stuff, a massive migraine, unsteady on my feet, etc. 

They gave me potassium, some other drugs via IV, and when Master Pravus eventually got pissed off at the lack of care I was receiving, he ordered the nurse to unhook me and he took me home.  I have never seen him that angry before, but he was really worried about me and the ER was not being helpful.  They were at first but then they started ignoring me.  For example, I started vomiting, and they just told me “Take deep breaths.”  Um.  How about you go get me a bucket and maybe some anti nausea medicine?  That sort of thing seriously pissed off Master Pravus and he took me home.  It was a rough night, but Master Pravus stayed by my side and took care of me.

It has been a couple of days, and while the headache is gone and I can speak okay, I’m still having a lot of problems.  The house is dark all the time, and Master Pravus even bought me a pair of sunglasses so I could be in extra dark.  My hands are numb, my mouth is numb on and off as is my face, and I still have a lot of weird stuff in my vision.  Master Pravus thinks I may have a pinched nerve from the minor car thingie (see above), but he isn’t sure.  All the symptoms I’m having could be from the lack of potassium too.

The biggest problem is that the low potassium is most likely the result of the medicine I take to help my POTS.  The cardiologist is having me stop taking it for a week, and if I start getting better then I’ll have to stay off it, but the thing is, there won’t be anything for me to take that could help my POTS.  I will be back to square one.  I’m really bummed about this.

Things are rough.  Master Pravus is taking me shortly to get blood work done, and he’s bringing me to the chiropractor on Monday to see if I have a pinched nerve which is still causing the weird visual stuff or the numbness.  In the meantime, we’re staying in the dark and I’m trying to rest.  I’m taking potassium supplements, and I’m eating extra extra potassium rich foods.  Looking forward to getting all this stuff done and gone.

2 thoughts on “Low Potassium Is No Joke

  1. This slave is happy Master and kitty didn’t get hurt badly in the “car accident”. I hope you feel better kitty.this slave has issues with high potassium Addison’s disease and hypothroidism. And when my potassium gets high I get very weak to the point where I can’t even crawl…I will collapse. my mouth goes numb my heart races and beats weird almost like a heart attack I feel like I’m going to pass out and I talk funny too. Are the doctors sure kitty had low potassium and not high potassium? Master Pravus and kitty Ithis slave apologizes for not speaking formally in the text above but she wasn’t quite sure how to explail her health issues. Love the blog very informative!

    1. @house slave Jessie Oh no. High potassium does not sound fun at all, and it does sound similar to low potassium. I definitely had low potassium, my potassium was a 3.1 and anything under 3.5 is considered low potassium. I’m sorry to hear about your Addison’s disease and hypothyroidism. It sounds awful. 🙁

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