Weekend Shenanigans

serenade and mommy

The weekend was nice.  Master’s birthday was on Saturday so I wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do.  We did have plans to do our grocery shopping (because otherwise he’d be hungry on his birthday!), but aside from that we had no real plans.  I had “secretly” bought a card for Master a few weeks earlier.  I don’t keep secrets from Master Pravus unless it comes to presents.  He likes surprise presents.  No present this year, but keeping the card a secret was difficult too!  I mean, I ordered the card online, and when it came in the mail Master was like

“Hey what’s this?”

I didn’t reply, because I didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t give it away.  Of course, not replying also kind of gave it away, because he didn’t ask again and I could tell he knew.  Oh well.  It ain’t easy hiding stuff from your Master!  (Especially if he wants you to hide said thing.)

Anyway, Master has me sleeping in as much as I can lately, so when he got up on his birthday he didn’t wake me up.  He did, however, take this adorable picture of me and Serenade.  She’s not normally a snuggler, so I thought it was pretty cute when he showed me once I had woken up.

Master’s birthday really wasn’t too exciting.  We got him some special ice cream and bread (he likes putting ice cream in fresh bread) for his birthday “cake”.  I asked him if he wanted cake, but he said he didn’t, just ice cream and bread.  Lol!  As long as he is happy, I’m happy.  =^^=  Most of the day was spent relaxing.  Master played a lot of xbox, and I sewed a bit here and there.  Nothing too crazy.  It was quiet, but really nice to just be together.

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