Temporary Branding Progress Month 2


It’s tough getting good pictures of the brand now that it is not scabby anymore.  We took pictures of it a couple of days ago on the first of the month, and we thought it would be best to take pictures in the kitchen where the light is brightest.  We opened the windows all the way and I pulled my shirt up while leaning on the futon to hide my tits.  (That’s why I’m still wearing a shirt, wide open windows and not living in a nudist colony make for unfriendly eyes.  =^.~=)  Anyway, you can see that the brand is still very visible, but it looks so much more visible in person.  I mean, I’m not in any way complaining, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I had this brand in six months.  We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Actually, the funny part is that when we were deciding what to put on my back, I jokingly said that we should do a giant cartoon penis as a humiliation thing.  Master Pravus laughed but he chose to do the skull in the end.  Thank goodness because I have surgery next week and I don’t mind explaining a skull if the need arises but I don’t think it would have been as easy explaining a giant penis!  LOL!

I really do like the look of the brand.  I wish the camera would capture how dark it is, but red shades don’t really show up amazingly on my camera for whatever reason.  It definitely is faded from when we first had it done, but it is still quite dark.  It is also hard to tell from the photo, but the top is definitely more faded than the bottom still.

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