He slapped my face hard

Again and again

And again.

He slapped my face until I cried.

I tried to hold the tears in but I could not.

He kept slapping my face while he told me that I disappointed him.

The shame of disobedience stings more than the feel of his hand mercilessly slapping my face over and over

And over.

He told me he was not just upset with me for my mistake, but he was also upset with himself for not training me enough on said task.

This only made me feel worse.

I blame no one for my mistakes but me.

When he was done he held me to his chest and let me finish crying.

When he was done I still felt the shame.

When he was done I swear I could still feel his hand hitting me again and again.

And again.

2 thoughts on “Shame

  1. Is this just a poem you came up with or did he actually do that to you? That is abuse. A good Master wouldn’t take his anger out like that unless you consented (told hIm) to being slapped. Even if you consented, there is other ways of effective punishment for a Master to decide on and it sounds like he just wanted to take out his anger physically which is not Okay. I seriously hope he is not doing this again.

    1. @mews This actually happened and it is not abuse. Master and me are in a Total Power Exchange relationship and we use consensual non-consent. You can google it if you’re unfamilliar. Master has had my permission to hit me and he never has to ask. Master would never just take his anger out on me but punishments are serious to us both and they can absolutely not be pleasurable in any way. I’m sorry my relationship is something you are unfamilliar with, but just because you don’t understand does not make it abuse.

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