Cupping and a Clove

cupping 3

“Look at the cute picture I took of you!” Master Pravus said.  Don’t mind the laundry in the background.  Our washing machine broke down over the weekend and until maintenance comes and fixes it there will probably be a small pile.

We were just playing around on the futon in the front room.  I had a little bit of energy but still was supposed to be taking it easy, so Master Pravus decided he was going to cup my back.  Dry cupping, of course.  We were just chatting and laughing and having an otherwise relaxed but fun time together.  After he took the cups off of my back he asked if I would enjoy having a clove with him on the porch.  Of course I said yes.

The last time I had gone out on the porch with him to be his ashtray was the first and only time so far I failed at catching the ash.  I was nervous but excited to prove to Master Pravus that I could do it this time, and to make up for my blunder before.  He had me sitting in a chair again because he’s trying to cut down on the little extra things that are super difficult for me right now (like getting up and down from the floor when I have no energy).  I sat there with my hand all ashtray shaped and I waited (somewhat) patiently.  I admit I was nervous because of my previous failure.

We chatted about nothing too exciting.  I’ve been playing a lot of Oblivion so we were chatting about random missions and gaming stuff in general.  It was cool outside but not too cool and it was a beautiful clear night.  I caught the first ash Master Pravus tapped into my hand and I only moved a fraction of an inch.  He was proud and he leaned over to rub my nose and tell me I was his “good kitty” even in the middle of our little gaming conversation.  It’s the little gestures like that which make me feel loved, appreciated, and acknowledged.

Master Pravus flicked an additional two ashes into my hand that night, before having me dump the ashes out on the ground and having me hand him the real ash tray to snuff the clove out in.  I guess he is waiting to work me back up to sitting still enough to snuff the clove out in my hand again.  But in the meantime, it was a nice little break from my resting.  I appreciated the time he took with me on the porch and I am looking very forward to being able to work on this with him some more.

2 thoughts on “Cupping and a Clove

  1. Your cupping photo is lovely.

    I’m glad you were able to make up for missing the ash before. I get so upset when I fail at something for my Sir, so I can imagine how that would feel.

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