Soda POP

Imagine it: you’re snuggled up safely in bed.  You have your restraints on, and you’re cuddling Biggle Piggle and nestled against your Master’s back.  You’re in a nice, deep sleep, and it’s 6AM.  Everything is right in your world and you’re a happy slave.

Then, there’s a loud bang which wakes you from your sleep and you hear a bunch of stuff being expelled from the freezer onto the floor.

That’d be me this morning.  Master Pravus had put a soda in the freezer to get cold.  Normally he’ll leave it in there for ten or fifteen minutes, but he must have forgotten to take it out and drink it.  We were both pretty sad about our rude awakening.  I woke up feeling foggy and having palpitations so I can tell today is not going to be the best for me physically, but if it wasn’t for being woken up out of a dead sleep I am definitely on the mend.

Yesterday was one week since the surgery, and I’m still pretty tired physically from it.  It’s hard to tell if it is the POTS or the ablation making me tired, but it’s probably a combination of both.  I don’t even have my post op appointment until next week anyway.  So far my recovery has been pretty easy.  Day one I was in a bit of pain, but nothing too bad.  One of the days (I don’t remember which) I wound up curled up on the couch feeling like there was a wire or something in my cunt.  It was awful.  I took a pain pill, and it didn’t even do anything.  That was a long night for sure. 

Aside from that one incident though, pain has been non-existent really and my only problems have been lack of energy and some nausea.  The nausea has been completely gone for a couple of days now though.  Even with that one rough night, I still don’t regret the ablation.  At least, so long as it works I don’t.  We just have to wait and see how my periods are.

The shower started leaking again.  It has been doing this on and off since we moved here.  Yesterday they drilled a hole in the ceiling and saw a ton of water damage.  They covered the hole with a plastic bag to let it dry overnight and they are supposed to be back today once it dries.  The only problem is that the shower has been leaking consistently since they left yesterday and there’s a huge pool of water up there today.  We’ll see what happens when they come by today.  I just want them to fix it.

Things have been very slow over here.  I’m doing a lot of resting, but I’m gaining a bit more energy each day.  I’ve been able to do more things for Master Pravus on a daily basis, but he’s also been watching me closely to let me rest when I’m getting lightheaded, etc.  He wants to make sure that we go really slowly getting me back into my routine so that hopefully we can get me stronger and I will stay stronger instead of having lots of setbacks.  I’ve been waiting on him during the day at points, and I’ve sucked his cock and been his ashtray a couple of times.  =^^= 

Last night he even let me have an external orgasm (clitoral) while he blocked off my mouth and pinched my nose shut.  It was very hot.  We were a little worried about how it might effect the ablation, but I only wound up with some very light spotting and menstrual types of cramps.  No big deal.  We’re not allowed to do anything penetrative for the time being, but with luck we get the go ahead in a few more weeks.

I just found out yesterday that Master Pravus gets Memorial Day off on Monday!  Yay!  I’m always happy for another day with him.  <3  Today is his last day of online training for work, and then our long weekend begins.  We have grocery shopping tonight so I’m trying to rest up today to make sure I have the energy in me.

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