A Week With Master

Last week Master Pravus was able to work from home because he had to do some sort of training online.  It was awesome having him here all the time just because, even if he’s busy, having him around makes me happy.  He was also able to help take care of me when I wasn’t doing well and I was able to take care of him when I was, so we were both happy.  Mostly he was online doing his training course and I was on the couch playing video games and helping him do things when he told me to.  Naps were had.  Ceilings leaked.  You know, the usual.

I had said before that I had very few symptoms recovering from this surgery, the biggest one being exhaustion.  I’m still pretty tired but I’m dealing with that slowly.  I am able to start (slowly) exercising again, and my current goal is ten minutes per day of either walking or strength training, depending on the day.  Once I get an entire workout week in a row done without lightheadedness during any of the workouts (six days in a row) we’ll increase it to fifteen minutes a day and so on until I am back up to my old routine.  It’s going to be a long slow climb, but I’ll get there.  The key, we both think, is making sure to go slow and to not push it.  My nervous system can only take so much, and we want lasting healthy changes already!  ::Stomps impatient foot:: 

So far I’m not doing awesome on this.  I managed two days in a row, and crashed hard on the third.  Meaning, I actually slept all day on the third.  That’s okay.  As Master Pravus keeps reminding me, this will only suck so hard in the beginning and then we’ll be back to running several times a week and kicking ass again.  Uh huh.  <3

The other thing I have noticed about the ablation is I wound up with some super intense PMS symptoms, as in, ten times worse than usual.  Severe swelling and soreness in both my breasts and nipples for about a week before my period (Master Pravus found the swelling to be quite awesome.  LOL!).  Intense bloating of my stomach and the urge to glug water like crazy.  Lastly, super intense headaches a couple of days before my period. 

So yes, I did wind up getting my period this month.  At least, I think I have my period.  I have a post op appointment on Friday.  With luck this isn’t some random heavy bleeding or something.  But, as I mentioned before (I think) most people do get their periods for six months or so after the ablation, and then their bodies settle down and they stop getting periods.  Hopefully I am one of those people who doesn’t get a period, but if my period is just slowed down a lot that will be just fine too.  ::All fingers are crossed::

Memorial day was nice, because not only did Master Pravus have it off, but he didn’t have to do any kind of training either.  We did some grilling on the porch and played a lot of Morrowind.  He has the game on his computer so he played it there while I played on the old school Xbox.  That night he even gave me three orgasms while I sucked his dick.  I’m still not allowed to do anything penetrative, but in the meantime, this is helping us both feel less sex starved.

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