The Ablation Is Helping

Friday Master had a remote work day, so he could take me to my post op appointment.  It went pretty well.  All of the stuff they did at the surgery was very internal though, so it’s nothing you can see even from doing a pelvic exam.  So, basically the doc talked to me about my symptoms, showed me pictures of my fried up uterus, and we talked about healing times.  According to my doc, it’s safe to have sex and to swim after two weeks of surgery (barring no complications), and I have no complications.  Master Pravus is taking a far more conservative approach. 

I generally take double the normal time to heal because of my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and so we were originally thinking that no matter what the doctor said we would wait to have penetrative sex until the fifteenth of June.  After all, you can’t really cause extra damage by being too careful, can you?  Master Pravus also likes to point out that I still have the bruise from the IV.  So, if that’s not healed, a burn inside one of my organs probably isn’t healed either.  The doc did mention that the burn will probably weep for several weeks too, so we will see what Master wants to do.  For now, we’re “making do” with clit orgasms for me, and oral sex for Master.  Neither of us is feeling too unhappy about it, not that we wouldn’t like some penis in vagina sex, but we want to be careful so as not to cause problems.

The ablation itself has already helped tremendously.  My “period” this month (we’re still not sure if it was a period or if I just had one day of random bleeding from the burn healing) was one day.  One day is not enough to make me anemic (especially since it was much lighter than a normal period is for me).  Since I didn’t become anemic, I’m not having to play catch-up this month with my energy levels.  I have been going on short walks and I even went out last night with friends without using a wheelchair!  It was pretty awesome. 

I want more days/times like this, please!  I mean, things aren’t perfect.  I still get tired really easily, and I still get lightheaded here and there.  I have not had to take a salt tablet in about a week though, and I have been able to take at least one ten minute walk per day every day for the last week.  Some days I walked a bit more, and one day I did some strength training.  If I have a great week like I have been, Master is planning on moving us back to the upstairs bed this coming weekend, and with my periods gone, I should have enough energy to get up and down the stairs and go back on cam soon!

FINALLY.  I can start focusing on fixing my POTS (which is in a much better place with the anemia gone), and controlling my joint subluxes (which I feel a lot better about with a badass chiropractor on my side), and, you know, focusing on other things besides my health.  I mean, it’s good to take care of your health, and you should always be working on your health, but lately, I have felt like the only thing going on in Master Pravus and my lives is my health, and frankly, I want to live a much more fun and enjoyable life than that, and I know Master does too.  It is almost the summer and we are looking forward to hikes again (short ones first) and then maybe getting back into running.

I have also been much more available to Master Pravus on an M/s level.  Of course I have always been, and will always be Master’s slave.  But, having to have so much help to get through my day does frequently leave me feeling disjointed.  Of course he takes care of me when I am in need of help, and of course I accept his help, but it is just nice to be able to focus a lot more on him, serving his needs (even if they are minor, or not really “needs” but rather, things we enjoy doing anyway), and being able to learn and follow more rules, etc.  Yes, sometimes taking care of yourself can become a priority, but I am glad things are going back to the way they were before.


4 thoughts on “The Ablation Is Helping

  1. Only one day period? I wish I had that! I am really glad that things are starting to get better for you. I hope you have many more awesome days to come. Hugs!

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