Finding Rhythm

I feel so guilty for not updating here, mainly because I know Master Pravus likes me to update this thing.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like updating here too, but I have been struggling to find my rhythm since the surgery.  Master Pravus has been encouraging me to go slowly with everything that I do, because I am definitely still healing from the POTS and we don’t want to make that worse.  On top of it I have been dealing with lots of subluxes, the primary one being in my left knee, and I was struggling to get around because it felt like my knee was basically a Jenga tower. 

I mean, I really am okay, but for a couple days there getting up and down the stairs was a luxury and not something I could do, again.  We are slowly figuring out how to deal with this wonky freaking disease and I am thankful both to Master Pravus and my chiropractor for helping me to live as close to a normal life as possible.  But there are still difficult days.  It’s just what it is.

Daytime life has been somewhat dull for me when Master Pravus isn’t home.  I have been doing my best to keep up with chores, but Master has me putting those on the backburner too.  He wants me focused on two things right now: serving him, and my health.  Anything else I get to do in the day is a bonus.  Do chores count as serving him?  Yes, of course they do, but I am struggling to have enough energy to get through my day doing only basic tasks to take care of myself, so, for now they are not a priority for me and neither is this blog.  As soon as he feels I am ready to take on more chores and blogging on a more full-time basis, he will let me know I’m sure.

I’m doing pretty well today though, actually.  I got up and went for my walk right away.  Master Pravus has to work late tonight and maintenance can’t come by today because the front office is shut down for renovations, so Master Pravus is letting me cam for as long as I am physically able to.  There’s no pressure to cam for too long.  My stamina is in the crapper right now, he just wants me to do my best, and I definitely will! 

I love and miss cam so much, so it is nice to go back.  The only thing I’m really not into today is Master’s late day.  Yes, I know sometimes he has to work late, but this little kitty is always greedy for as much time as she can have with him!  Call me a sap, but if Master Pravus was your Master, you wouldn’t be able to wait each day either.


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