Everything In Threes


Since my surgery, Master Pravus and me have still enjoyed many sexual encounters, just none of them vaginally penetrative.  One thing that I have noticed since the surgery is that, I seem to be enjoying many more orgasms in a row than I did before!  I’m not sure if this is a temporary thing, or if it is here to stay, but as I have mentioned before, I am somewhat like a man in that I usually need fifteen minutes or so to recharge between orgasms.  Not always, and sometimes I can have a second orgasm immediately after the first.

Since I couldn’t be penetrated, Master Pravus has been using (AFF) Alistair on me a lot, or letting me hold him and use him as I pleased (but only cumming with his permission, of course, generally.)  Well, orgasm control is something I enjoy quite a bit, as does Master Pravus, but it is not something that we do every time we play.  Often Master Pravus will put a gag in or he will cover my mouth with his hand and will tell me that I may cum as much or as soon as I would like.  More often than not he can read my body and see when I am going to cum and he will tell me that I had better not cum, etc.  However, he has been extremely..  Loose with his orgasm permission as I am recovering from surgery and in his words:

“You deserve them for being such a good kitty and going through with the surgery.”

He can be sweet like that sometimes.  =^.~=

Anyway, about a week or so after the surgery, I was incredibly horny, so Master Pravus said he would play with me a little bit.  I got up on the massage table as he asked, and I sucked his cock (Thank goodness for a massage table with different height settings!) as he told me to.  He put Alistair in one hand and he beat my tits in between covering my nose and mouth.  It was very hot and I was very turned on.  He told me I was allowed to cum whenever I liked.  I came pretty quickly, since it had been almost a week since we had played.  Since Alistair was turned down pretty low, I kept the toy there, and I had another orgasm about five minutes later.  He came hard down my throat and he covered my nose and mouth again telling me:

“You’re going to cum again.”

I was so incredibly turned on and excited when he said that.  I kept the toy there and after another couple of minutes I came hard, shaking and unable to gasp for air though my body tried feebly.  Master Pravus was so proud of me.

“Good kitty,” he crooned.

He asked me how many orgasms I had.  When I said three he was shocked and excited.  He hadn’t actually noticed the second one (it’s harder, I think, when his dick or fingers aren’t inside me to feel my cunt convulsing), and he had thought I only had two!

We figured this was maybe a fluke, but Master Pravus has been pushing me harder to have three orgasms (without time in between for my clit to have a break) when we play now.  It is one of his new favorite things, and I am getting better at it.  I was never like this before the surgery, and I know that the surgery can sometimes affect your hormones, etc.  So, who knows, maybe this is a new thing for me.  Either way, Master Pravus is pretty happy.  <3

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