Tears of Joy

We cheated a little bit.  I mean, I guess it isn’t really cheating.  The doctor cleared me for penetrative sex a few weeks ago, but Master Pravus was the one who wanted to be on the safe side and wait until the fifteenth of June to have penetrative sex.  So, if he decided to change his mind, how could it really be “cheating”?

It was one of those things that we were both so hungry for.  We have a lot of sex, that’s just the way we are.  Oral sex is fun and all, but we had gone so long without any penetrative vaginal sex that we were both yearning for it.  We played for a bit, and then Master Pravus entered me and it felt so, so good.  It is hard to describe how amazing it felt, but if you have ever been away from sex for a while due to your partner being out of town, or being away or ill or for another reason, that’s exactly what I was feeling.  It was incredibly intense and felt so amazing.  He threw that heavy blanket over my head and I struggled vainly for bits of air.

When I came Master Pravus had me hold my legs in the same position they were in.  Normally, I spaz around quite a bit so when he does this it is a difficult task for me.  I managed it, but in the middle of my orgasm (and my task at hand) I began to cry.  This wasn’t light sobbing.  These tears were rapid, serious, loud, body-shaking tears.  Master Pravus pulled the blanket up slightly so that my nose and mouth were out of the blanket.

“Are you okay, Kitty?”

I nodded.

“Do you want to continue?”

I could tell that he was really worried.  We hadn’t really been doing anything painful at that exact point, and I do not usually cry out of nowhere.  I told him I did want to continue, and he covered my face back up and fucked me until he had cum.  I was so embarrassed because it had been so long since I had cum from a non-painful stimulus like that.  We talked about it afterwards (of course) and I explained that it just felt so good that I could not stop crying and I felt awful about it.  He smiled and said that he had hoped I was crying from too much pleasure, but wasn’t completely sure, and he was so glad that was it.  Thank goodness for his and his constant reassurances, and also, for knowing that tears are never a stop sign.

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