Upstairs Again

And, hopefully to stay this time!  This past weekend was a tough one for me physically, but it was also just super awesome too.  Master Pravus had to work a bit on Saturday morning, nothing too bad though.  When he got home we slowly began to bring some things upstairs from downstairs.  We spent most of Sunday doing the serious heavy lifting and getting the apartment looking better.  Having the futon closed up and back in couch form makes it look a lot nicer down there (with more room to maneuver).

We have slept upstairs for a few nights now, and it feels so good.  It is darker, quieter, and there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed!  I have been oversleeping by a couple hours each day (which Master Pravus approves of wholeheartedly), though I am sure once I catch up on sleep I will wake up a bit earlier.

You wouldn’t think that changing the sleeping quarters from downstairs to upstairs would be such a huge undertaking, but I had almost all of my bedtime stuff in the downstairs half bath, and we had a ton of things all around the futon that would normally have gone on top of or inside of the bedside tables.  We are just both so happy it is done though.

This is a huge step in my progress!  I can do stairs again and I really couldn’t for so long.  I’m not saying it is easy at all, but it’s possible.  Sometimes I still find myself thinking “I wish I had two of _____ so that I could keep one upstairs and one down.”  I also keep getting frustrated when I forget to bring something downstairs or vice versa.  Stairs are still really draining right now, even if I can do them, so it’s frustrating.  I know I will get stronger and better with time though.

On Sunday, we even went for a little casual walk in a local park, and I lasted for thirty minutes!  It felt so good to be out walking with Master Pravus again.  I hope more days, weekends, and months like this and better are in store for us.

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