New Bedtime Ritual

As far back as our relationship goes, bedtime has always been roughly the same for me.  Sure, the time has changed a bit here and there, but the actual act of being tucked in has always been pretty much the same.  Master Pravus would have me change into my sleepwear, and then he would have me get into the bed and “snuggle down like a lemur.”  Then he would attach my restraints for the night and we would go to sleep.  It has worked for the duration of our relationship, and we’ve both been happy with it.

A few nights ago however, Master Pravus told me that he wanted to change the sleeping ritual.  I was excited to hear his new bedtime plans, because I always love learning new things and showing him how well I can carry out new tasks, etc.  He told me to lay face down on the bed, and to cross my wrists and ankles behind me.  Of course I did so.  Then, he put one wrist cuff on one of my wrists, and told me to switch which hand was on top so he could do the other.  He did the same thing with my feet.

Both ways of getting ready for bed are great and all, but I admit I do like this new way better.  It isn’t that the old way is bad, but I like being able to show my submission using positions and for me, this is a great way to incorporate that.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m at the whims of Master Pravus’ desires.  If he wants things to go back to the old way, of course they will.  This is something he wanted to change though, and I really like it.

2 thoughts on “New Bedtime Ritual

  1. When you sleep in a restrained position, do you get uncomfortable? Or is there a length of chain to allow more movement during sleep but not enough to leave the bed?

    1. @Lea I used to be tied to bed to sleep with a chain, but I have to get up to piss every six seconds or so and Master eventually removed the chain for night time (mostly so he could sleep better). He still cuffs both my ankles and my wrists and will sometimes clip them together (making for fiddly “walks” to the bathroom. LOL. Truthfully, I used to be very uncomfortable sleeping in restraints, but now I hardly notice it. It took me time to get used to sleeping with my cuffs, then time to get used to sleeping with my wrists clipped together, then my feet clipped together, but it’s all comfy cozy now. I even find the ritual of the cuffs to help me to sleep better.

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