I had been a pretty good kitty all day.  I woke up, stumbled out of bed, and I tried to accomplish some things throughout the day.  It’s not easy right now, but I am slowly getting there and we are pleased with my progress.

Of course, that night, Master Pravus came home from work and I was more than excited to see him.  I was also very hungry, because he was a little late (it happens), and dinner was grill food which is something Master Pravus himself always cooks.  (He loves to grill).  Unfortunately, no sooner had he got through the door than he started to complain that he had a wicked headache coming on.  Master Pravus gets migraines maybe once per month or so, and I just wanted to help him any way I could.  I asked him if he needed anything, and he said no and went about preparing dinner.


A few minutes into preparing dinner, I saw Master Pravus grip the cabinet door and stop with his eyes shut.  It was obvious that his headache was getting really bad so I suggested he take some Excedrine Migraine and lay down for a couple of minutes with a Monster energy drink.  He agreed that would be the best course and I tucked him into the couch and got him an ice pack for the back of his neck.  As he laid there, I couldn’t help staring at his toes!  I know, I know.  Master Pravus is hurting and there I am staring at his feet.  I am completely ridiculous.

After a couple of minutes, he said that he was feeling a little better, and he continued to lay down but he was chatting with me a little bit.  Because I knew it would make him laugh, I told him that I must be far more self-disciplined than I thought because I had been wanting to go bite and lick his toes all this time, but I had been very extra good..  But it wasn’t easy!  He laughed and said he approved of my good behavior.  He even rubbed my tummy and nose as a “reward”.  A few minutes later, he got up (feeling markedly improved) and set about cooking dinner again.  Of course, this is when we realized we accidentally were out of buns and so off we went to the store!

By the time we got back from the store, I was beyond hungry, but I wasn’t complaining.  I knew Master Pravus would be plenty hungry too, after all.  We got home, and he got some food on the grill.  While the food cooked, we sat outside on the porch and just chatted about random stuff and relaxed.  He put his foot in my lap at one point, and I was about to rub it when he pulled it away.

“Don’t want to tempt you too much, Kitty.”

Poor kitty with no toes to rub, or lick, or bite.

We ate dinner and took showers.  I was sitting down relaxing when I was told to get up on the massage table for some play time.


Of course, I happily obliged.

“Were you a good kitty today?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you know why, kitty?”

“No, Master.”

“You were a good kitty because even though you were hungry, you didn’t bite toes.  And even though Master was very sick when he came home, you took great care of him.  Now, hop up on the table.”

I never expect rewards.  Some things are expected, like ice cream on your birthday or a present at Xmas (and even then, those things don’t always happen).  I don’t expect rewards when I do shit that I’m frankly, supposed to be doing anyway.  Maybe most people would have seen this surprise coming, but I didn’t.  I had a great time with Master Pravus but I was completely shocked when he had said it was a reward for being good.  Of course I took care of him!  I consider a happy, healthy Master my reward for taking care of him.  Though, I don’t turn down butt sex and cupping when they are in front of me, either.

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